Receiving a psychic reading is an imperfect science and there are people who do not end up agreeing with theirs. All psychic readings are not created equal. It can be very difficult to swallow a reading that does not personally resonate with you. The reading may go against every other plan that you had for your life.

What is the next step that a person should take when they have a disagreement with their psychic reading?

They should ignore the reading. A good psychic reading syncs up with your personal intuition perfectly. Your intuition is one of the most important aspects of your psyche and must be paid attention to at all times.

When you start to disregard your own intuition, it becomes much less powerful and is unable to help guide your decision making. If a reading claims to be telling you that your life has a certain destiny, feel free to disregard it, as your destiny is your own.

Don’t be afraid to chalk up a reading you do not agree with to a poor psychic. Just like any other profession, there are good psychics and there are bad ones and ones that just connect properly with you. A psychic reading should never be taken as the final word, it is merely a suggestion of things to come.

Getting a second opinion can help you to see whether the original psychic was right or wrong. If you went to a doctor and you did not agree with their opinion, you would seek the opinion of a second physician, right? Psychic readings are not any different.

Some psychics start to believe their own hype and make their readings hyper specific. The important thing to remember is that a good psychic reading does not focus on trying to predict the future, they focus on giving you the tools you need to handle it when it finally does arrive.

Trust your instincts when you receive a reading that you do not agree with. Whether you feel like the reading was an error that needs rectifying or you think that there is no point to receiving a second opinion, trust your intuition and allow it to guide your decision making. Your intuition is one of the most powerful tools you have and ignoring it can come with serious consequences over the long haul.

When you receive a reading that does not jibe with your personal feelings, either select a psychic whose style more closely intertwines with your own or go it alone. There is no one size fits all response to this question, a person has to be able to make these decisions for themselves. As always a psychic who instills fear into your mind is not one who you should continue to visit.