5 Divining Tools Used By Psychics That You Can Use TooOthers find things useful for his or her readings, while some psychics choose to give readings without any aids. Though others may help answer questions that are particular some items present a picture for the psychic to decipher.


Pendulums could be handcrafted or purchased things that consist of a heavy item, such as a stone joined to a chain or a string. Pendulums function by giving an answer to some yes or no question determined by how the pendulum swings. Every man is different, and with any pendulum, it’s important to establish what means “yes” or what means “no.” Others might consider that swinging side-to-side means “no”, while a circular swing is a “yes” response. Many people also use pendulum graphs for more complicated responses.

Crystal Balls

Crystal balls are one of the very conventional items associated with psychics. Since they could give you the clearest image to the future a lot of people prefer to incorporate crystal balls. Occasionally, however, crystal balls can display images which are difficult to describe or could be unclear. Some also merely utilize it to clear their minds before giving a reading while many psychics work with a crystal ball to greatly help see later on.

You get to learn about who you are, what you are yet to do, and what might eventually become of you, all with psychic readings.

Tarot Cards

Tarot cards can help give more detailed replies and predictions than a pendulum can and are another popular device for psychics. Because tarot card decks can deviate, most psychics often use the exact same deck consistently. To give a tarot reading, the cards will be dealt by a psychic and interpret the meaning of the cards, which help forecast the future or can help in answering questions.

Tea Leaves

Psychics may choose to utilize tea leaves to help messages that are read and foresee future occasions. A lot of people believe in swirling the tea leaves, much like energy of the moon moves the tides, in a specific formation helping the psychic to decipher the meaning of the leaves a person’s energy aids. Wine sediment and ground coffee beans may also be used in place of tea leaves for readings.

Ouija Boards

Ouija boards contain numbers and letters a psychic may choose to use to deliver a message during a séance. The participants that are psychic along with other lightly put their hands and intense energy goes the pointer. Most psychics are cautious as it truly is likely for negative energy from unpleasant sources when utilizing a ouija board, nevertheless.

The ability of a psychic comes from their abilities and gifts, not from using tea leaves or tarot cards. Some psychics, however, use these as an aid to present pictures that are clearer when they give psychic readings.