Do I Really Have Psychic Abilities & Should I Follow A Spiritual Path?Our journey through life does not always follow a straight line, it can present many perplexing options, so whenever you are in doubt about following one path or another, consider this ancient Chinese adage: An old Chinese farmer bought his only son a beautiful white stallion and his wife said, “Oh that is good.” When the son mounted the stallion, the stallion bucked and threw the boy to the ground breaking his leg in three places and his wife said, “Oh that is bad!” The next day, a General rode into the village with a group of soldiers and took all of the young men off to a dangerous battle, but they left the farmer’s son behind because of his injured leg and the parents looked at each other smiled and said, “That’s Good!” And so on, and so on… The point being that no choice is ever all right or all wrong, all good or all bad—it just is. Listen to your inner voice and be aware of the signs all around you that are leading you toward a path that you ought to step upon.

If you feel that you are being drawn to a particular spiritual path, why not step onto it and get the energy flowing? 

Everything you need to be successful is already deep within you. We will help you to raise your psychic abilities to the surface of your consciousness where you can develop and use them. This presentation is simply meant to assist you on your spiritual journey and the reader should not hold the writers responsible for the success or failure of their spiritual searches—you  will have to do the work for yourself. We will talk about such implements as grounding, clearing, centering, aligning and protecting.  The object is to learn to open yourself up to messages from your Higher Self and the World Wide Psychic Web, which I prefer to think of as the collective consciousness, which surrounds the planet, and in which all gathered knowledge is available.

Excerpt From:

Complete Guide To Writing Energetic Affirmations That Support Your Personal Development & Spiritual Growth