Reiki is considered to be the life force or energy stream which connects all life. According to the principles of Reiki, bodily disorders and mental issues like stress are associated with a unbalanced Qi. A Reiki treatment session is a power clearing experience directed at bringing balance and harmony into the crucial energy flow of your system.

I’m a Certified Usui Reiki Practitioner having finished both Level 1 and 2 training. Upon my certificate initiation I had been given the Reiki symbol, Choku Rei, generally known as the Violin. Among those five Symbols of the Reiki practitioner, Choku Rei suggests a natural alignment with the acoustical energy contained inside the Universal Life Force. It was a natural extension for me personally as a certified Reiki Therapist using the Violin Symbol to become adept in the use of both Angel Tuning Forks alongside Crystal Tuning Forks working to achieve a total reconciliation of clients Qi.

Using Angel and Crystal Tuning Forks, an acoustically concentrated realignment of international life; I complement the hands-on Reiki Treatment  with the valuable energy recovery to especially target and dissipate energy blockages. This joint acoustical tuning together with the healing touch of Reiki work to synchronize the energy forces of the human body aligning them with the universal life force.

My joint Reiki Healing Therapy Sessions are inclusive, directed toward retuning natural alignment of your inner life force to encourage a wholesome body, mind and spirit. Throughout your Reiki Therapy Session with Angel and Crystal Tuning Forks in my Grand Traverse City studio, then you’ll have the option to blend it with a Psychic Medium Reading to research all of the energy flow conditions which are impacting your life.

I provide Studio Appointments which range from 15-minute sessions to 1-hour sessions and may be put together with an exploratory Psychic Reading to harmonize your aura using a organic retuning through the Reiki Treatment routine. Throughout your Reiki Therapy Session, we’ll use the healing power of touch together with the acoustic therapeutic ability of Angel Tuning Forks alongside Crystal Tuning Forks, and optionally can accentuate this with an Intuitive Reading.

I’m also available to travel with my massage table for Reiki Therapy Sessions to offices, homes or events to give several back to back sessions across Northern Michigan.

My fee for Reiki Therapy Sessions with Energy Tuning though Angel Tuning Forks in addition to Crystal Tuning Forks which optionally can be combined with a Psychic Reading are:

15 Minutes – $40

30 Minutes – $65

45 Minutes – $75

60 Minutes -$85

I welcome inquires and would be happy to talk about how we can align your energy for a more joyful, healthier and more spiritual lifestyle through the power of sound and touch.