Famous Psychic Prediction For President TrumpWhile she uses numerology to clarify her correctness internationally famous psychic, Betsy Lewis, has just called the future and also the winner of the presidential election. In addition to the presidential forecast Lewis has also shown a scary prediction about the future threat of ISIS that you should know.

Lewis says that she started experiencing the paranormal when she was only 8 months old and by the time that she was 8 she was able to see and communicate with spirits.

She says that visions of the future have been shown to her and they have been proving to be accurate.
Lewis’ novels for example Prophecies 2016 and Beyond – Mystic Revelations and The Prophets Speak of Thirteen-The Key to Earth’s Destiny show the predictions of the future.

She’s foreseen major occasions for example the ISIS plague spreading across Europe, economical instability, and even comets coming out of nowhere.

She predicts important threats to our security.

“ISIS: Isis will continue their march through Africa and Europe. Terrorists strikes and carnage will continue and destruction of antiquities and life in cities through the planet as if nothing can stop them, however they’ll be stopped as special ops kill their leaders and the world unites to take them down. I see planes being shot down from the skies, and bombs exploding in cities.”

Her ISIS forecast continues:

“On March 22, 2016, Brussels airport and subway were assaulted by terrorists on this master number day, an occult amount. Thirty one people died in those assaults. These terrorists are well versed in numerology and occult practices and it’s is no coincidence that the 11th district of Paris was hit on the 13th day and on the 11th month. Terrorist cells will attack cities and large groups. I can’t tell you when or where, but I encourage you to PLEASE trust your intuition/gut feeling in case your spirit guides tell you not to go to a film, concert, sporting event or some big event.”

It is not all doom and gloom however. She managed to forecast that we will be taken by Donald Trump to the presidency.

“I called at the first of the year that Trump would most likely be the Republican candidate. I am now predicting that Donald J. Trump will become our next 45th President November… I remote seen the future and saw Trump taking the Presidential Oath.”