Fiverr Courtesy Guide For Buyers & Sellers As one of Fiverr’s Top Rated Sellers giving Psychic Readings since 2012, I’ve given 1000’s of Readings! I’ve also been doing this long enough to know off the bat when a client is going to be a problem; besides those wanting to test your Psychic Abilities and the newbies to Fiverr that did or didn’t read your full gig description – you occasionally get a client that thinks $5 is going to buy them the world plus, lifetime support, LOL.

Personally, i’ve SPENT NEARLY TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS on Fiverr and with that I’ve ordered my fair share of shotty gigs (particularly in graphic design and copywriting) but, with any service, expensive or not,  it takes time to find a good psychic, writer or whomever that works well with you and meets your needs.

Still, shotty work or not, as a seller they put some time and effort into my service and in some cases did there best to understand my requirements with or without any language barriers and may have even tried to make it right though a revision or two. So, unless something copy and pasted from the internet was delivered – the least I can do as a compassionate, understanding person is let that provider hang onto the $3.75 our encounter earned them after Fiverr’s and PayPal fees are taken out. For me, thats just the cost of finding good low cost service I can use.

Fiverr Courtesy Guide For Buyers 

  1. Read gig descriptions and know what your buying
  2. If the gig description grammer is bad, know that you may have communication barriers.
  3. Don’t ask for more than you ordered or say you will pay for extra work after its done (in my exprience, that’s a lie).
  4. Your seller’s on a time limit, be available to answer any questions they have after your requirements are sent.
  5. After delivery… Don’t request a revision if you just have a question or comment and don’t actually need one or if your delivery times already run out, especially past the 24-hours that allows you to cancels; your sellers doesn’t want their delivery time that effects their rating and search engine rankings affected because you have a follow-up question or want clarification 24 hours after delivery – this can be sent though the message system and if your unhappy, you have a week to cancel your order and ask for a refund.
  6. Don’t keep on messaging your Psychic especially, over and over again asking them things like their accuracy percentage or other questions you should have asked beforehand.
  7. Don’t request to have your work delivered by a certain time or to be moved-up, know the expected delivery time before your order and if allowable pay the Extra Fast Delivery fee, if you need it sooner.
  8. Don’t mark your seller less than 5 stars for delivering within the stated delivery time period.
  9. If you find that your unhappy a week later, don’t request a refund after your order has been marked complete or ask your seller to contact customer service on your behalf to get one if your orders was only $5 or nothing actually changed besides your mood.
  10. If your not fluent in a sellers language, order from some a seller that is.

Fiverr Courtesy Guide For Sellers

  1. Deliver what your gig states will be delivered, don’t deliver something less and say you will send the work after a 5 Star rating is published.
  2. If you do, do the above – don’t than tell your buyer they have to pay more to get their work delivered!
  3. Don’t say your fluent in a language when your not.
  4. If a buyer pays for extra fast delivery, deliver extra fast.
  5. Don’t try to keep unselling after an orders been placed, no one likes that.
  6. If a $200 a month order gets you a file folder of work delivered the first few months, than your buyer expects that every month. Don’t start just marking the work delivered or sending something less then. I dropped my SEO firm because of this, had no idea what was actually done other than a delivered link showing my current page rankings, for all I know that progression could simply be natural.
  7. If a software or bot does your job, don’t claim the work is “manual”.
  8. Don’t copy and paste someone else’s gig description or title, like mine was, SO Rude!
  9. Don’t max out your gigs by making the same services into 30 title options, it confuses buyers and puts others sellers like myself out of sight, non page eight seeing top rated sellers are no longer featured at the top of search results ;(
  10. Don’t spam other people though Fiverr’s message system trying to solicit sales; it makes people avoid leaving feedback and you know its going to lower the Response Rate of fellow Fiverr Sellers.

Typically the Fiverr Buying & Selling Community is Awesome, So Awesome I Credit Both Sides For Where I’m At Now But, If You Spend Or Sell A Lot Like I Have You Will Occasionally Run Into The Above & That’s OK Because Once You Find The Right Service Provider Or Get Another Loyal Client – Its All Worth It!