Formula To Create Affirmations & Guide To Using Them Properly Formula To Create Affirmations

Every person has his own mental recordings that repeat again and again in his mind. Most of these statements actually come from childhood so they have been directing most of your actions for years. Unfortunately, most of these old mental recordings are feeding your mind with negative thoughts. While these statements do not come directly from people, they actually work as general theories that you have come to believe about yourself. For example, if your parents always told you to stay away from strangers, it might prompt your young mind to see the world as a dangerous rather than a beautiful place.

The same rule applies for those who were born in a family without much money. Their limited resources have led them to belief that they will never be capable of attaining or keeping wealth. The good news here is that you can already override those destructive beliefs with powerful affirmations. They can reinforce your good actions and change beliefs that need changing. However, you can only start making those changes once you have made a set of affirmations that are suitable to your situation. Here are a few rules that you need to remember when creating effective affirmations.

Define Your Standards

The first thing you need to do when creating your own affirmations is to define certain areas of your life that you want to change. If you want to become more confident, you have to define your standards of how a person with high self- confidence behaves. If you want more structure in your life, and discipline affirmations are what you need for yourself, the first step is to visualize in your mind’s eye, the form and nature of this orderly conduct. This way, you can give your brain a clearer idea of what a person with high confidence, or a more disciplined person, looks and acts like. Remember, the key to creating powerful affirmations is to string together a couple of words that will influence your subconscious mind. However, you should also make sure that the affirmations you made are as specific as possible.

Follow The Formula Of Affirmations

The most important thing you need to remember when creating your own affirmations is that they have to be in present tense. Research shows that the subconscious mind does not have the ability to accept promises of how you will act in the future. For example, saying that you will start making healthy food choices will not give your subconscious a strict deadline for performing the promise you have made. Instead, you have to make affirming statements that you already exhibit. “I always eat healthy foods” is a powerful statement that your subconscious mind can accept as a fact.

Say Affirmations In First Person

Affirming statements will only work properly once you have started saying them in first person. An auto-suggestion that says “You must make healthy food choices” will be barely as powerful as a statement that uses the word “I.” Personal statements such as “I choose healthy food items every time I eat” can deeply embed themselves in your subconscious and change your future actions. No matter how resistant your subconscious mind might seem, you can easily replace negative thought habits once you are led to believe that you have the power to change them.

Create Affirmations In A Positive Way

Obviously, you should use empowering words when creating your own affirmations. For affirming statements to be effective, you have to avoid negative words such as do not, cannot, and will not. “I must stop eating too much” will send distorted messages to your mind. Your mind will interpret it the same way that it interprets “I eat unhealthy snacks.” This simple statement will automatically lead you towards a direction opposite to your goal. Instead, you have to say “I eat healthy snacks whenever I feel hungry” to tell your mind what your desired behavior is.

Rehearse Your Affirmations

After writing your affirmations, you are already to take the last step towards the results you want to achieve. You can make the most out of them by saying them out loud in the morning and the moment before you go to bed. This allows you to train your mind and replace its negative thoughts with affirming statements. If you fail to practice affirmations consistently, their effects will only begin to weaken. See to it that you are using them on a daily basis. If ever you get tired of the affirmations you are using, you can also try writing new ones every month or two.

For affirmations to work, you have to think of them as a lifelong commitment. Once you finally learn to have fun with them, you can become more confident until they become a natural part of your actions and inner truths. These clear and short statements will not only help you determine things that you would like to happen in your life. They will also help you build your success one block at a time. Whether you need something that can keep you motivated or contented with what you have, auto-suggestions can help you do just that by chipping away the mental plaque in the walls of your brain.

Repeat Affirmations As Often As You Can

Another rule for making sound affirmations is to repeat them to yourself as often as you can. You can read them aloud every now and then or record them to a CD and listen to them every time you have a few minutes to spare. You can also make them more powerful by using the principle of inflection. This way, each repetition can make a slightly different meaning while reprogramming your mind to believe a new set of inner truths. Here are examples of a various affirmations that can automatically reinforce each other as they make their way to your subconscious.

“I create my future based on the actions I take now.”

  • This is the basic belief that you want to embed into your subconscious mind

“I CREATE my future based on the actions I take now.”

  • The emphasis on the word “create” leads your brain to believe that your future is created and it is not something that just happens

“I create MY future based on the actions I take now.”

  • This statement emphasizes that you have the power to change your future

“I create my future based in the ACTIONS I take now.”

  • The emphasis on “actions” lets you know that your behavior is what matters when it comes to shaping your future

Use Affirmations Properly

Write affirmations on note cards and keep them in your wallet or purse. Every time you have a few moments to spare, you can always take them out and read them to yourself. To magnify their effect, you should state them in a firm voice while keeping a smile on your face. These actions will allow you to become more aware of the positive effect of the affirmations, which in turn allows them to enter your subconscious mind with greater ease. Once you have started using them on a daily basis, you can boost all the positive things in your life and get the life-changing results that you have always wanted to have.

Auto-suggestions also work better once you have learned to stick to a final rule. The important thing is to focus on one area at a time. Never try working on quitting bad habits, losing weight, feeling more confident, and making more money all at once. Remember, slow and steady always wins the race. Do not be afraid to start with a realistic goal such as losing weight and make affirmations for that sole purpose. You can either write them down in a note card or record them into a CD. Use them for several weeks and wait until they have taken effect before working on another goal.

With proper use of affirmations, achieving personal success will be as easy as pie. As long as you are ready to make changes in your life, those changes will come quickly and naturally. People who have tried using affirmations experienced changes almost simultaneously because they were able to embrace and accept changes. No matter how great your affirmations might sound, they will not really work well if you do not believe in their power. When it comes to using affirmations for personal success, results are a question of your ability to accept change rather than a question of time.

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