Free Personal Affirmations For Radical SuccessFree Personal Affirmations For Radical Success

Personal affirmations can take you wherever you want to go. You will never need to sit on the sidelines and wish you could be someone else. This list of simple affirmations will serve as your secret weapon once you decide to hit the road to success. They will chip away those self-limiting beliefs by conditioning your mind to attain your lifelong goals. You can plant these rocket packs in your mind and let you blast past everyone you meet during your journey to success.

“At every turn I make, a great opportunity always appears before me.”

“I am at peace – everything I need in my life is right before me.”

“From this day on, I am completely in charge of my life.”

“I can always handle setbacks as friends.”

“I feel proud for changing my limiting beliefs and world views.”

“I am successful, happy, and contented with what I have.”

“I am inspired and I have all the power to do every task I need to finish today.”

“I strongly believe in myself and my competence in achieving great results.”

“I deserve to be successful, happy, and prosperous.”

“I readily embrace whatever good change comes my way.”

“Today I feast on positive ideas and fast from negative thinking.”

“I have the power to do the most incredible things.”

“I embrace the now while moving forward with enthusiasm.”

“I let go of the past and move out of the future to live in the now.”

“My life offers infinite possibilities for success.”

“My mind possesses unlimited power.”

“From this day forward, I conform to my highest ideals.”

“The universe provides me with everything I want and need.”

“Today I start a new habit – the habit of excitement, joy, and enthusiasm in all things I do.”

When using any of these affirmations, you have to remember to say or write them at least forty times daily for no less than forty days. It takes your unconscious mind 40 days to process whatever it is that you dream and desire. Once these thoughts are embedded in your subconscious mind, the conscious mind starts processing them as automatic behavior. Remember, affirmations are no different from doing any repetitive exercise to learn or change a certain set of behaviors.

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