Most people are aware that they have freewill or the ability to discern the choices made in life but don’t often think of what it means to honor another persons or clients freewill.

In the past I have encountered external situations that appeared to be negative to most people, (in this instance how a family member was being abused by her husband) being close to this woman others were looking to me to take action towards gathering evidence to remove him on her behalf however, that is not what she wanted and because I believe our experiences (positive or negative) are created by us on a higher level for our personal growth and spiritual development I decided not to step farther over the boundaries than I was asked too and thus was accused and perceived as not caring even though I would prefer she had some time to clear to head.

When we have someone close to us or a client were invested in, it can be difficult to know were to draw the line and how to honor that persons freewill, to help others that are struggling I have composed the guideline that helped me.

How To Honor Freewill As A Lightworker

Do Not Offer Service Were None Is Requested 

If someone in your life or a client does not express that they want your personal help or advise to keep it to yourself. The same goes for giving Psychic Readings to people that did not book with you, at the very least you should always ask permission first.

Communicate How You Feel When Your Right To Freewill Is Infringed Upon 

If someone is over stepping in a way that interferes with your freewill, tell them how that makes you feel in a way that won’t hurt their feelings.

Be Willing To Listen Without Interrupting To Share Personal Antidotes 

We all know people that do this… When you try to share something and they direct the conversation back to their own similar personal experiences.

Offering 10% At A Time 

When offering the other person what you know being a personal story, belief system or advice only offer them 10% of what you actually want to say and wait to see if they express wanting to hear more; if they do continue offering it in 10% increments and use this to discern when they no longer want to hear anymore.

Use Kindness & Patience With The Above^

To Continue My Story…

The daughter of the victim that accused me of “not caring” decided to take action themselves (unhappy without my cooperation) and took hand written letters describing the abuse as evidence to the police that subsequently started a chain reaction when later that day he chocked his wife and hung-up the phone after the daughter called 911 and made the wife lie when they called back, with the previous letters the police made a house call and say her bused neck subsequently landing him in County Jail for 90 days.

The Moral Of The Story…

The husband honored his own freewill but didn’t honor anyone else’s, he controlled, conditioned, abused and isolated his wife and to a lesser extent the people around her, in this way he created karma that took away his freewill for 90 days.