I would like to know, according to the wisdom of God (all knowledge), WHAT I must do during the following years.

  1. I Have an understanding of energetic medicine (alternative).
  2. I am the creator of a wonderful medicine,
  3. I am a good psychologist, an a writer of psychological subjects,
  4. I am a musician (very good but never worked on it),
  5. I am a creator of an agricultural product (to increase production 50 %)
  6. I am a theologian student and can develop very useful studies in the field of bible investigations.


According To Gods Wisdom (All Knowledge), What Must I Do?ANSWER:

To start, I would say you love to experience all of life that interests you and as you grow in personal development, so does your thirst for new knowledge and experiences. Because of this, I would not say that there is any one thing you must do because a large part of your soul’s mission is to attain new areas of information internally; it just so happens that you’ve reached a time in your life when you want to apply what you have learned.

The second part of your personality is that you have an innate ability to understand people and smooth speaking skills, with this, my impression is that you can share, attract and create a loyal following of subscribers and buyers much more easily than most of us meaning, if you put your work and yourself out there I feel the right people will come. 

In terms of directing your next area of focus to get the best of your talents, I’m drawn most to the idea of developing studies in the field of bible investigations. My feeling is that whatever you choose, being happy means experiencing a challenge to meet a goal though continued learning and I feel creating a curriculum like this would meet those requirements and the possibilities of what could results would excite you.

I also feel this option would attract a target audience of many ages that you can relate and establish an indirect personal connection too.

My idea is geared towards creating your curriculum and depending on how far you want to take it; either offering your final draft online independently and/or using the final draft to pitch the idea of publishing your course to similar niche and perhaps some metaphysical schools online and when you find an organization you like either negotiate exclusive rights or if they make any special request you could use the original to make an extended version exclusively for them while you continue to sell your original final draft independently.  Lastly, if you wanted to teach than you could also explore the idea of working with your students though an online school or host workshops and/or do lectures in person.

You have many options and I don’t feel any option is wrong, just that this one will make you the happiest and is likely to be the most lucrative at this time as well has help attain the following for future ventures.

Love to you, Holly Joy