The Why & How Of Psychic Energy Grounding

Before I do any psychic work or meditation there are four basic techniques I use to prepare.

  • Grounding 
  • Protecting 
  • Clearing 
  • Setting Your Intention/Prayer. 

Today’s lesson is all about getting grounded.

The reason that psychics ground themselves is that it enables us to receive information in the form of energy that is possibly of a much higher vibration than we are used to handling. We also need to be focused, in our bodies (instead of just our heads), and very much in the present moment. Some mediums will say grounding isn’t necessary, but it’s probably just not necessary for them because they are naturally very grounded. The rest of us need a little work. 

There are many ways to ground yourself. Here are some easy ones to get you started. 

1. Make a fist. Feel your nail against your skin and the stretch of your knuckles. That brings your consciousness back into your body and congratulations, you’re grounded. This is best for people who are already pretty focused or experienced.


2. Stand or sit in a comfortable position. If you want to sit cross-legged that is fine. Try to keep your spine fairly straight. Now concentrate on your base chakra (the energy center at the base of your spine). Imagine and send out roots from your 1st chakra deep into the earth. These roots are an unbreakable energy cord that will pass through anything you choose. Anchor the roots in the earth. You can also send extra ones from the bottoms of your feet to help ground you further. This root technique is the one most people use. 


3. Exercise a bit. Just a few minutes will ground you by getting you into your body like the first technique.


4. Get outside, find a nice place to sit quietly, and touch the earth. Either with your hands or bare feet, get into the dirt and send your excess energy into the Earth until you feel balanced and connected. 


Whatever method you choose, grounding will help prepare you for the concentration you need to do psychic or mediumship work.