How Being of Service Helps Heal HeartbreakIt’s likely to happen to all people. Being cheated on. Being betrayed by a best friend. It’s going to suck occasionally if you are taking the chance of being in a relationship.

They endured going to divided colleges, four years of long distance, and he retreated, when they eventually were collectively in in the same city. Turns out he had another girlfriend the entire time—and she’s the one he chose.

“I can’t imagine why he didn’t just tell me four years ago,” Colleen sniffed over her flat white. The sound of Starbucks swirled around us. She was totally oblivious to the entire world around her, stuck in her pain. Hey—I totally got it.

But then, three months after, we’d basically had the exact same dialogue. It was like the movie Groundhog Day. Like she hadn’t moved on at all.

I drew the Six of Coins. She took a look in the card and pushed it away. The image of the wealthy man with a magnificent castle in the background, didn’t resonate together with her.

What Colleen desired was to find a way to give to others, to feel her own value again rather than replaying the horrible treachery of her first love that is true. Ok, I understand the thought of offering to others in order to heal yourself might sound—what?—good-great. But being of service—whether that means joining an offering system or just taking occasional time to focus on the concerns of family and buddies —is a recommended psychic reading going to assist you in making the life you want on your own and fix the heartbreak?

Moving On From the Pain

Colleen and I talked regarding the card. She was a little pissed at first; she didn’t wish to admit she was stuck in her victim narrative. I told her, “Girl, there’s gotta be something else, although I understood it might take a little while to fix.

Eventually, her tears dried, and she said she had become friends with a girl, Doreen, at work. She’d found out this girl’s husband was violent. She didn’t understand what to do, but was actually worried for her gal.

“Look, what if you found out how exactly to support her or help other women in her situation, although you might not be able to help Doreen directly?”

Colleen consented to think about it. I sent it as an inspiration to her and shot a picture of the Tarot card.

Colleen and I talked a few weeks later at a party. Her eyes were brighter, and as we settled into a corner with our drinks, she asked me how I was. It was a great indication because the last few times, it had been all about her. Afterward she told me that she had began offering herself at a women’s shelter.

“God— these women’s situations,” she said. “The worst. I had this extreme training and now I’m on the hotline. Last week we had to get a girl to a house that is safe —it’s insane. But I feel great that she’s safe.”

And then I inquired —because it still had to matter—about her heartache over him.

Every week, “I mean, I still cry over it. But I just recognized that I had something to give someone else and that I wasn’t the only real one with pain within my life. I was truly stuck because of pain. Sometimes my heart aches about him, but it’s like my heart heals each time after I actually help someone else heartbreak.”

True that.

I believe my most critical takeaway from Colleen’s situation was the reward of the astounding power of service. Plus it isn’t just for when you’re feeling terrible—having a commitment to giving back as a routine part of life is a gift to yourself. It turned out to be a psychic that first made me think relating to this, in a reading I had a few years past.

Heartbreak is part of life, and healing takes time. Speak to someone if your heartbroken. Get a reading or have a buddy help you. For Colleen, it was just one card drawn in a Starbucks!

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