How Can I Learn To Communicate with Angels and Hear Angels Physically? Hi Holly,

I want to communicate with Angels.

Can you tell me how I can learn to hear Angels voices physically? 

Thank you for your question, I’d suggest…

You set your intention to communicate with Angels (not exclusively but preferably though hearing) and anchor your intention more fully in vibration by wearing a necklace or carrying a pocket stone that symbolizes Angels or an Angel that you feel a connection with.

You may wish to wear or carry your item to align more with that frequency but also mediate with it, focus on it and ask questions, writing down your answers. The trick here is putting your ego to the side and trying not to filter any information.

The word Angel means messenger. If you don’t have an Angel in mind, you might select a being in alignment with your overall intention at this time.

  • Gabriel: is known as an Angelic messenger and would be one to call forward or if you wish to channel for others.
  • Raphael: is known as an Angel of healing, if you are or wish to be a Healer
  • Uriel: is known as an Angel of creativity, perhaps you wish to Channel artwork or automatic writing.
  • Forfax: is known as an Angel of astronomy, if you study the Stars or give Astrology Readings.
  • Sariel: is known as an Angel of guidance, if you are unsure at the time.

And So On…

Doreen Virtue has Angel Card Decks you may like to work with to open the lines of communication, though the cards you may notice one Angel in particular keeps appearing. If so, than you may want to mainly focus communication with them.

Also, I would suggest that you not only focus on the expectation of hearing angels, you may have other stronger abilities that come though first and a belief that you need to hear something external outside of yourself may inner-fear, especially if the path of least resistance is seeing, feeling, knowing etc.