Connect To Your Higher Self To Find Your True Self
Why is it important to connect with your Higher Self?  Because that is the way you will truly know yourself and what your life’s purpose is—the master plan so to speak.  If you understand what the plan is, you will be able to focus on that plan and more easily stay on your path. 
Your Higher Self is the Real You. The you that is on this earth to fulfill a particular plan.  To be aware of what that plan is requires making a real connection to yourself.  In order to hear what your true self is telling you, you must be very quiet and go deep within.  That is one of the reasons why meditation is so important – quietness – stillness so that you can hear what your true self is saying instead of listening to the chatter of your ego. 
I have been searching for something as far back as I  can remember, but I had no idea what it was that I was looking for.  Now I understand that I was looking for my self—my True Self.  The closest I have ever been to being  face-to-face with my true self  is when I have been around nature and animals.  I have experienced many hours of total bliss out in nature riding a horse.  That  is the Key to knowing your true self—finding your Bliss. 
When you are happy, peaceful and  full of joy, you are most likely following the intended path. You know what gives you fulfillment and satisfaction—a feeling of completeness. Ask your Guides and Guardians to be with you and hold your hand. They will help you to stay in the direction you intended when you created your “spiritual contract” – your master plan. 
I am not exactly sure what my plan is, but I know that it revolves around the natural world. When I stray from my path, I am uneasy, unhappy and often even depressed.  That is when my Guides nudge me back to where I am supposed to be. When you feel that you are being gently pushed or drawn in a certain direction – that is one of your Guides keeping you on the straight and narrow.  I believe that everyone has a calling or plan and if you ignore it and go a different way, you will find that you feel cheated and lost.  The old saying,  Follow your heart  means the exact same thing.
Trust and listen because your Higher Self knows the way.  It knows all that you are and all that you can become.  Do you wonder why certain things are so important to you?  They are important because they are part of the plan.  You and your Guides planned your life’s path prior to your incarnating. The path was planned to provide you with the lessons that you chose to learn, knowing that you would not understand them while they were happening.  In each lifetime, we decide what weakness or unlearned lessons we wish to tackle.  Free will is still our prerogative, but having agreed to a plan, we are drawn to the people and experiences that will help us to fulfill that plan. 
When you pass over and return to the Higher Planes, you will understand all of the facts of the life you just lived on earth.