Hire Event Psychic for your party, special event or corporate functionIt’s no surprise that Psychics, Mediums and Tarot Readers are desired and frequently hired for entertainment during the Fall months and are often the main attraction at Halloween and Fall festivities as they spark curiosity and conversation though individualized Readings.

What’s exciting is that hiring a Psychic for your event, party or function is no longer just thought of once a year as more and more people, businesses and event coordinators are seeking out spiritual vendors because they get guest excited about and attending their local Ladies Night Out, Graduation, Christmas, New Years or other assembly.

I enjoy being in attendance and offering short but meaningful Psychic Medium and Tarot Card Readings at small and large gatherings throughout Michigan, including annually at Ladies Night Out in Traverse City and Petoskey; as well as Witches Night Out in Lewiston, and a weekend for the Mystics Heart in Lowell; this privilege has tailored my approach for everyones enjoyment and success.

In order to provide the best possible service and experience I prepare a sign-up sheet for larger events offering your choice of either 5 minute time slots for a simple Tarot Reading Spread or 10 minute time slots for Psychic and Mediumship Readings; this way guest may schedule their Reading ahead of time and mingle instead of waiting in line.

hire event psychic vendor michiganI may also bring a basket of free gift bags that include a three-flavored fortune cookie among other small items. To further entertain guest, I can provide fun little things people can do on their own like “pick a card for a massage” and “try the pendulum”. When appropriate, I also offer a few inexpensive metaphysical items for sale – like the pendulums, should guests like to take one home.

Please note that my preference is to sit one-on-one and ideally the host would provide quite seating. In a vendor type setting a display table is always appreciated but not required. Smaller groups are welcome to longer Readings and can pay individually if preferred. Upon request I’ll wear a gypsy/fortune teller costume. My typical hourly rate is $125 plus 55 cents per-mile. For more information or to talk specifically about your needs and how I can contribute please feel free to contact me.


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