How Does Psychic Ability Work & What Can a Psychic Actually Predict or Know?You certainly are a natural teacher, and you’ve the capability to explain things to ensure that others understand.

Was something I was told by a psychic once, and at some time, I thought the advice was off. But as it happens, I do teach my clients about psychic power, astrology— ! And I never have educated even one class—my teaching is all a byproduct of my one-on-one work.

I didn’t really know how the readers were getting these records once I got these readings, plus it fueled my interest and curiosity. Perhaps you have wondered how things are seen by psychics? Or the way that it’s possible to “know” something about a complete stranger? Or if psychic potential is real?

While intuition and psychic ability can be found to us all, some people are born with talents or natural gifts. Most psychics report having some sort of “paranormal” skills in youth that grow and they choose to practice. Some learn while others merely find themselves falling into an advisor function with time, through trying different tools, like Tarot or astrology. Maybe they would be the family member that may communicate with pets or know what everyone else is feeling. Or they are the go-to pal that always seems to provide the best guidance.

Psychic ability is just like a muscle; it much more nuanced and gets stronger the more you put it to use.

Most Psychic Powers Fall Into Four Different Groups:

  • Clairvoyance: Seeing info in the mind’s eye
  • Clairaudience: Hearing information, generally inside one’s thoughts
  • Clairsentience: Feeling with “bowel” instincts, or the body, feeling the emotions of others
  • Claircognizance: Knowing advice—like an instant download that doesn’t come through any physical senses

When accessing information for a client many psychics make use of a combination of these skills. For example, in case you ask a question in regards to a career shift, your psychic may get an image within their mind that reveals you doing a certain type of work as well as an emotion that accompanies the sight. Or, they may hear the words, “ It’s not the ideal time to make a change”.

Where Does The Psychic Information Come From?

Science has demonstrated there is a common, unified field that energy shares. We’re composed of energy, and so are our ideas, feelings, and everything else around us. We also know, through math and science, that distinct dimensions exist. The third dimension is occupied by us. The fourth, fifth, and dimensions beyond feature universes of information and energy that people can’t see with physical eyes (usually), but we are able to access them using psychic means.

If you, as a client, are now trying to establish something, or you spend a lot of time feeling a particular feeling or thinking a certain thought, that energy will probably be in your energy field, or aura. Psychics see whether a specific idea or event is getting ready to come into physical being and can read your field.

This really is where previous life info is stored. Generally, this really is achieved through claircognizance or clairvoyance.

Still other psychics may channel your spirit guides, angels, or a unique guide or guide team. These beings exist on different measurements and have access to understanding and wisdom from divine sources.

Psychics may rely on their “clair” of choice, or they may use tools for example astrology, runes, the I Ching, Tarot cards, or palmistry to read and organize intuitive information. Many psychics use several approaches, depending on the client, the inquiry, or how they are directed to access information from their guides.

What Can a Psychic Actually Predict or Know?

Popular culture has led us to believe that the future can be nailed by psychics and then delivered in a sizable package of forecasts so that you understand exactly when and how things can happen.

But what about your free will? Is the future actually set in stone, such that someone can read whether you prefer it or not?

Certainly not! Thank goodness… you’ve got a considerable amount of choice and free will in your life. You’re making choices or living out the results of choices that your soul has made in the present or a previous life. A future that is fixed doesn’t exist. Thus, no one can let you know exactly what your future is.

The time of events is similar—it’s really hard to pin down as you are always making new decisions that affect outcomes. Also, time is a third-dimensional notion that doesn’t apply in other dimensions. So, information coming from those other measurements is hard to just plug into our linear perception of time.

What psychics can do is tell you about the most likely outcome. They are able to see what exactly is coming for you personally. They are able to sense the wisdom of a variety of options. A psychic can read to the energy of your relationships, understand present karmic conditions, or have a look at the likely consequences of possible choices and what your most likely going to do leading to an outcome.

Your daily life is just like a brilliant, constantly changing kaleidoscope—and that’s a thing that is amazing! Look to your own psychic counselor to help you make the most informed, aligned selections you can, but don’t anticipate them to forecast your future or make your decisions for you.

If you’re interested about how a psychic does their work, why don’t you spend a little time with adviser Holly Joy?

In the spirit of co- creation and enjoyment and, as the reading unfolds – don’t be afraid to ask how her psychic abilities work.