How Psychic Am I?

How Psychic Am I? Answer 12 Questions To See How Psychic You Are

Answer These 12 Questions To Determine How Psychic You Are

  1. Are you currently ultra sensitive to individuals and events in your life?
  2. Have you ever had a niggling feeling that something is about to occur to you or others and you find out later your opinion was right?
  3. Have you ever ever met with someone and felt an immediate drain and unexplained lethargy or even melancholy?
  4. Perhaps you have visited a place and immediately felt bad vibes about it?
  5. Have you ever ever have quite vivid dreams that came true?
  6. Have you ever felt drained after meeting or talking with someone?
  7. Have you ever had a waking vision which appeared so real, you believed you were actually there?
  8. Have you ever had a clear picture flash through your mind that seemed alien but made sense later on?
  9. Have you ever ever felt a powerful feeling seeing world events that came true?
  10. Perhaps you have had a sense that you have lived before?
  11. Have you got an understanding about things you had no prior knowledge of?
  12. Have you got things occur that you had an intuitive thought about only seconds before? And so on…

It is very probable that you simply possess an advanced level of psychic traits, if you have replied ‘yes’ to several of these questions. That which you intend to do with this particular knowledge is up for you.

Most of us have speculated concerning this question at some point in our own lives. The easy fact is the fact that we all are psychic to some extent. Some like to call it intuition, others, “ my sixth sense”, a gut feeling, and some, internal guidance. Here are 4 groups whom I consider most people fall into involving this very question.

1. Still others, due to anxiety about ridicule, religious teachings, and breeding, are frightened to admit openly they’re psychic

2. Many KNOW they are psychic and wish to know how to handle their abilities

3. People awareness they have been psychic but are unsure of what this means

4. Don’t care or a lot of people are very psychic and refuse to acknowledge this fact

Psychic means call for a power of perception seemingly separate of our standard five senses of physical eyesight, hearing, touch, taste, and scent. It’s also called our sixth sense. Other words used to describe psychic powers are prophecy, clairvoyance, intuition, second sight, and telepathy.

Being psychic or having psychic abilities is an extremely real part of our natural self. There’s nothing bad about having psychic capabilities. We were given with these sensitive qualities as a method to aid us in making decisions, judgments, averting danger, and moving through life with an extra group of skills that help us on so many manners. The truth is, we’re utilizing our natural psychic characteristics constantly by thinking, daydreaming, wondering, and having insights or “Aha” moments.

Psychic powers manifest in a variety of manners. We may get a sense about something that gives information that can be considered an essential message from our innermost self to us. For example, you get the strong feeling someone is thinking about you right at that instant any you could even know who it is. The particular level of psychic art you could possibly possess depends upon how well you notice experiences in your lifetime which might be above and beyond the five senses that are known.

Specific individuals appear to be aware of an advanced level of psychic attunments from childhood. These characteristics, whether lifelong or new, may contain having premonitions, psychic dreams that turn out to be accurate, awakening visions, powerful feelings that ultimately bear out as truth, hearing voices, as well as a powerful understanding about a person, place, or thing previously unknown to them but bears out as being right later on.

In summary, having strong psychic impressions permits you to have heightened perceptions past the physical self of what’s happening in and around you. There may be a subtle awareness which you wish these messages that are silent to help you browse through the complex waters of life. Sadly, many individuals either don’t recognize these extrasensory occurrences for what they decide to disregard them or really are. Chances are that you do comprehend if you are experiencing a psychic experience, if you happen to be reading this post. Ultimately, this may prompt you to learn more about your personal unique pair of psychic perceptions, better understand them, want to work with them and to what extent you intend to integrate them into your daily life.