Websites To Practice Giving Psychic Readings To Gain Experience & Honest Reviews

When you are starting a psychic business, it’s important to gain as much experience and feedback as possible. After all, you want to show that you know what you’re doing and that people are pleased with the psychic services you have to offer.

If your going to offer Tarot Card Readings there are a couple well organized sites that will bring you free clients in exchange for testimonials such as: Biddy Tarot and The Free Tarot Network. You can also open up an online chat room to give readings for practice and feedback.

Fiverr is a great place to get started with psychic email readings and in fact were I Holly Joy AKA CommonHealing became a Top Rated Seller and used a portion of that income to slowly start building my website and outsourcing work to expand my business.

fiverrOn Fiverr you can offer psychic email readings or chat readings though Fiverr’s messaging system starting at $5. To boost sales and remain in good standing I suggest that you offer a satisfaction guarantee and one-day delivery until you have regular orders. Each reading will be marked complete two weeks after its been delivered and you can continue saving or deposit your earnings to PayPal or Direct deposit.

After you have become a level one seller by being active for 30 days and completing ten orders you can include gig extras, allowing you to earn more money for faster delivery, additional questions, adding a tarot card etc.

After you have completed 50 orders while maintaining an excellent rating over the course of two months you will achieve level two status, at this stage if you wish to book Skype readings though Fiverr you can contact customer support and get approval.

Top Rated Sellers are selected by Fiverr’s editors using the following criteria: seniority, sales volume, extremely high rating, exceptional client care, and community leadership.

There are several benefits to using Fiverr and other sites that are similar in nature. It gives you a chance to get comfortable providing readings to strangers. You can also work out some of the kinks that you may experience, such as what readings you want to provide or what requirements you have such as a specific question, photos or birthdays. You may also learn that it’s more comfortable for you to do an email reading as opposed to a live reading to start.

As you deliver readings, people are able to leave reviews for you online. This is important because it tells you that you’re doing something right and gives you validation. The positive reviews can then be used for your own personal psychic website to show people that you not only have the experience but that people are enjoying the experience they have with you.

Websites To Gain Psychic Experience & FeedbackKeen.com is another website that you can utilize to gain psychic experience and feedback. It allows you to promote yourself on a website designed for psychic advisors. You can receive phone calls and chat messages from clients and choose how long you are going to talk to them for. There is some investment to be “featured” so that you show up in Keen listing results but on the plus side you can charge more per-min or question.

As people interact with you through these website, they are going to share their feedback. This can be helpful to others who are considering spending money on you for your psychic expertise. If you have more positive reviews than many of the other people they are considering, it is likely that you are going to get that business.

There are plenty of other websites that you can use to gain psychic experience and feedback as well. This includes PsychicsforHire.com, Yelp.com, and more. The more sites you have your information on, the better it can be to get the experience you need as well as the feedback.

Don’t be shy to put it out there that you are looking to gain experience and feedback, which is why you’re willing to offer an introductory price. This can be better than people wondering why you’re so cheap in comparison to some of the other psychics that are out there.


Excerpt From The Complete Guide To Building Your Online Psychic Business Using WordPress

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