Humans are social beings. We seek company, we seek interaction, and we seek acceptance from other people. Indeed, it is true that no man is an island. We need to build and maintain relationships. One type of relationship that man is always in pursuit of is romantic relationship. It innate for us to find that one person to whom we will share the rest of our lives with. We feel fulfilled, content, and comfortable when we are in a relationship. We feel the inexplicable feeling that is known as love. Whenever we are with that special someone, we feel that nothing could go wrong, or if ever something goes wrong, we feel that we can weather the storm.

Humans invest so much in this type of relationship. Time, effort, money, emotions, and anything that is humanly possible, we will give if needed. That is why, every time a romantic relationship goes south, fails or ends, we get devastated. Not all of us are lucky when it comes to finding romantic partners. For the unlucky ones, the worst thing that could happen is falling deeply and madly in love to a cheating or unfaithful partner. Moving on, let alone getting out, from this situation can be very hard. Though you have been aggrieved or hurt, you will always try to be positive and try to salvage everything that you have built in the relationship, even if your partner is not as invested or committed as you. You will try to deny and filter out the signs that are telling you, “It is time to get out!” You will try to hang on as long as possible, believing that you can change the ways of your partner. However, let’s admit it, moving on is really easier said than done. One question that is yet to be answered is, “How do you really move on?” How do you move on from a cheating lover that you have loved for so long?

CC Photo By Atell Rohlandt of Flickr

CC Photo By Atell Rohlandt of Flickr

If you are in this type of situation or dilemma, you might want to talk to friends and family to enlighten you. Sometimes, the people near you can give you a much better perspective of your situation because they are able to observe the things that you got through. Some of your friends or family members might have experienced being involve with a cheating partner, thus, they are in the position to give you advice on how to handle your problem. You may also try other sources, like asking love advice from experts or consulting online psychic mediums, specifically a love tarot reader.

Consulting a love tarot reader can help you see your current situation in a much better perspective. It can point out to you the obvious signs that you are in an unhealthy relationship, those signs you have been ignoring for a very long time. It is a way of connecting to your higher self in your to assess your current state, and give you a concrete details on how to move away from unhealthy relationships or situation. You can ask for a “How to Move On ~ Tarot Card Spread” which will give you insights you are blindly holding on your cheating partner, and how can you let go. This spread will make you examine for aspects of your current situation.

These aspects are:

1. The root cause of the Problem;

2. What are the things that are keeping you from letting go;

3. What are the things that will help you move on; and

4. What will be the consequences of holding on.

CC Photo by Keith Rowley of Flickr

CC Photo by Keith Rowley of Flickr

The key in this type of reading or spread is accepting the truth and using it to better yourself and your life. It would be pointless to ask for advice or consult the tarot cards when you will not be receptive to the advice or readings. The first part of moving on is learning to accept. By examining the said four aspect of your situation, you will be able to point things, previously unknown to you that are affecting your relationship and the way you are reacting. Clearly when holding-on will lead you to a self-destructing path, you really need to let go. Letting go and moving on is not an easy task. However, the point of loving someone and committing into a relationship is to better yourself and your lives together. Clinging on to an unrepentant and unapologetic cheater, defeats the purpose of the relationship. If your inner-self, speaking through the tarot cards, is telling you that, it is time to let go, maybe it about time that you turn your ship away from your cheating partner. Don’t be afraid of throwing away the things that you have built or invested in your relationship. Once you get past that hesitation to finally move on, liberation and relief will follow.