independent psychic your calling?

Several qualities that make a person right as an independent psychic.

These are the most important that make you stand out from the rest.


You Have Psychic Abilities

You were either born with the ability to listen to a person and discern their innermost desires and feelings or you have learned techniques like tarot reading that can divine the future.

You Know How To Listen & Empathize

A large part of being a successful and profitable independent psychic is knowing how to listen. Many people that seek your guidance in reality just need someone that will listen to their problems or needs. Having experience in romance, money issues, and relationship matters is necessary so that you can demonstrate a superior level of empathy with your clients.

You Feel A Strong Desire To Help Others

An independent psychic helps people. If you do not have an overwhelming desire to help people with their problems then your clients will hear that lack of desire in your voice and in the words you use. Lack of the impression of sincere interest in others will lose you money.

You Have Done Your Homework

You took the time to look at what other independent psychics are doing to promote their skills. You have developed an understanding of the demeanor that works best with all clients. You have examined how independent psychics market themselves on the Internet and social media. You found the sites where the most successful independent psychics go and learned what membership requires.

You Have Worlds Of Patience

Listening to people for hours without losing interest in what the other person is saying demands patience and a lot of it. Patience is also important in marketing yourself as an independent psychic. You understand that building your reputation and business will take time and you are prepared to invest the time that it takes.

You Have Developed The Technical Ability Required

Marketing your independent psychic work requires technical facility with publishing programs like WordPress. You will also need to master the basics of SEO and social media marketing. You may be the most insightful psychic in the world but no one is ever going to know about you unless you learn to market yourself digitally.

You Feel Called To Service

You have confidence in your psychic abilities and are willing to learn what ever it takes to make your abilities available to people and to make money from your psychic abilities. You have a never quit attitude and the drive to succeed.

You Never Stop Learning

You have the desire to constantly improve your facility as a psychic and you have the desire to constantly learn more to market yourself as an independent psychic.