Intuitive Empowerment Coach Tia On Goal Setting & Empowering WomanTia is a friendly and intuitive empowerment coach. As a single mother of a beautiful boy, she knows how tough life can be. Going through many disappointments, failures, bouts of depression, anxiety and constant worries, Tia realized that support is a sole base purpose in order to set realistic goals and start to open up to happiness again. She has helped thousands of clients online and face to face. Growing up, she realized she was different than the other kids. She was always practicing spells and noticing energy movements. Tia is a certified reiki practitioner, oil enthusiasts, manifesting queen, tarot lover and a badass. Tia is also an intuitive empowerment coach, that gives you powerful spiritual tools to help you feel more in tune and in control of your life. The support that you receive when working with Tia will make you feel whole and part of an authentic reality once again.

To start, can you explain what it means to be an Intuitive Empowerment Coach and why it’s important that, as woman, we feel empowered?

For me, being an Intuitive Empowerment Coach is all about support.It is about supporting one another to create feelings of empowerment and feelings of wholeness.It is super important that people receive the correct love and support that their souls need right now in order to keep growing. Women need to feel empowered in order to create security for themselves and to feel aligned with their purpose.

With that, who are your typical clients and what are some commonalities you see between woman that consult you?

I work with a lot of women who range from teen years to late 40’s. I find that many women have encountered some sort of trauma or displacement of themselves and are looking for answers.I work with a lot of women who have bipolar or generalized anxiety as well. I find these clients not only need support but as the right tools and consistently in their lives. All of the women I work with are on a bigger path in life but feel lost at the moment or they are having a hard time seeing that clarity.

You were fortunate to grow-up around family that practice tarot and supported your interests in things like energy moment and spell casting but, most of us, especially with a religious upbringing often have negative notions about these types of things. What do you tell people that are interested in, for example Tarot but, are afraid to expand their spiritual toolbox?

I love this question because it comes up often! I have had many people take interest in these things but express their old beliefs to me. I have realized that many people are very curious and will take the chance to see what it’s about. I tell people to follow their intuition and if it doesn’t feel good for them, then don’t do it. I believe that for anything in life.

What is something you would suggest people do to empower themselves daily?

I suggest either saying five things your grateful for every day in the morning or listening to a jamming song. I suggest these because I find sound to be the best way to get your vibration buzzing.

What does a one-on-one empowerment session look like in comparison to a group empowerment session and what role do your intuitive abilities play?

My intuition is always at play! It is the gut feeling that guides me to knowing what I should be doing or who I should be talking to. It plays a big role in my coaching because many people don’t know what they need to start feeling happy or joyful again, so I listen closely to myself and my client for hints.Working in a group setting, there are 5 to 10 females that are all supporting of one another. It is a safe place to share and experience together to help empower one another. There is using laughing or other emotions on these calls. The one on one sessions are me and the client. This is a very personal call or video chat of just us exploring methods and support to help the client grow. It can be whatever the client needs that day to keep moving towards happiness.

For someone that is feeling stuck in life, what are some questions you’d suggest they ask themselves?

A few questions that I start with would be : How did you get here? Where would you like to see yourself? What do you think your soul needs in this moment? How do you feel about your inner self? How does your inner self reflect in your exterior life?

Would you agree that you work individually with woman to reach certain goals and if so, what is the most common issue or belief that is typically interfering?

I would agree that goal setting is a huge part of what I do. The number one issue or belief that is interfering in someone’s life is , worthiness. Most women that I work with have a huge stagnant block or belief inside them that they are not worth enough to have the life they want and deserve.

When it comes to goal setting, what are some realistic expectations that can be reached within 30 days?

When you set a goal, it is always best to change your mindset and start very small. I think most people feel as though they have to make this huge change and become disappointed in themselves when they don’t. The realistic aspect is that when you are goal setting it is very important to enjoy the journey of getting to the goal.

Would you say that some clients require more than Intuitive Empowerment Coaching or would benefit more from Reiki and if so, how would someone know which is best for them?

I do agree that some clients do need more of an energetic cleansing or clearing to help their vibration increase.I would say that women that have experienced more trama than others or have a belief that is so rooted into their mind would need Reiki or energy work.

I know that you are a mother and as a mother understand that some woman get to caught-up in the role, become unbalanced because they are always doing for and putting the needs and wants of others above their own, often without any appreciation. What advice would you give other mothers whom feel stuck in a particular role?

It is so important to remember that you can not give what you do not have. We can not always be in giving mode. The balance of the world does not allow it. I suggest to women that feel they are stuck in this role, need to remember themselves before they had kids or a family. For me, that means having my mother take my son so I can paint and sip or I can go to a seminar. Give yourself love, always!

Do you have any final thoughts and how can people get in touch with you?

I would like to let everyone know that you are beautiful and worthy of your dreams and of loving yourself. You deserve love and to feel joyous everyday!You can reach me on my website: http://www.devotionstar.com my email: spiritualreadermysticmoon@gmail.com

Or on facebook under Decotion group. Thank you for allowing me to be here with you!