Is It Possible To Obtain A Good Paying Job Without A College Degree?


Is it possible for me to obtain a good paying job, career without having a college degree?

If not, what field should I consider going to school for that won’t overwhelm me but offers financial stability?

Thank You For Your Question…

My impression is that you are a leader and a manager, meaning you have a strong personality that helps you take on that role of directing others and managing all aspects of life, especially business and financial matters. So, when it comes to career options I feel you are best suited for jobs in a management position by either managing people or managing some aspect, like business or finances.

I’m most drawn to the idea of working for yourself by offering services locally and the idea I’m getting is about tax preparation. I feel this type of training, with a software license you can use freely from home (not at a place like H&R Block) is a doorway into obtaining an initial client base as you expand upon the type of services you offer, like filling out financial/business forms, helping start-ups, consulting, managing budgets or other areas of interest that would give you an expected monthly income. I feel this is an idea that can be self-taught from home, it would also allow you to set your own pace with an amount of work that would not overwhelm you, you could set your own rates and not require schooling.

A lot of people manage to secure their dream careers largely on the merits of their application, proving that having a strong resume really is half the battle. Those who have attractive resumes can often fend off even the college-educated competition. Many use services like ARC resumes (see it here – https://www.arcresumes.com/local/north-carolina/) to help them create a professional representation of themselves to submit in support of their application.

I don’t feel a degree is required but if you do choose more formal training, I would suggest a trade school or an accredited certification that would allow you to again, work in the areas of management, business and/or finances. I feel you would like being a bank teller and this could provide you with opportunities to expand your position upwards by learning to facilitate other services banks offer. Retail management comes-up, as does working on the floor at a casino.

Either way, I feel being responsible for your own work but having some social interaction is preferred because I feel sitting in an office, crunching numbers alone all day would be too tedious for you.

Love To You, Holly Joy