My name is Kassi Gregory and I am an intuition artist and Spirit Walker. I connect with an individual’s Spirit Animal guide and totem through my art.

When I channel through my art, I find that asking your heart centre for permission, plays a major role in any ‘spiritual walking’ that I do.  Before we start, I meditate and ask to become connected with the energy in your heart center, and once there, I ask your guides if they would like to spend some time with me to help you through difficult challenges in your life, or to help you find an answer to what is on your mind.

Channeled Spirit Animal Guide Art I Kassi Gregory

Channeled Art By Kassi Gregory

Once the connection is made, I am free to start the portrait with the channel of communication open and flowing through to my art and the spirit guide and/or totem appears on the page through my hands.  This process can take me anywhere from one to eight hours depending on the difficulty of the issue or concern that the guide may want to address.


Would you say that your Channeled Spirit Art carries a unique energetic signature that is connected with each individual client?  If so, does this activate an emotion/re-action with each person after the reading is complete?  Would this then have benefits that continue on for the receiver, and would the receiver have to make some sort of effort to see these benefits?

Yes…..Every relationship with your power animal is unique.


When I create the portrait, the spirit animal uses me as a vessel to transmute all the lessons and healing onto a page so it has the power to act as a ‘totem’ or talisman to further develop and heal through your guide.


As your Spirit Animal Guide, if find that the guides will instruct me to create certain signals in my work to deepen the connection with the person’s guide.


Many people have told me when they have received their image that they have already met their guide, as depicted, in their dreams or that they meet them in their dreams after the image has been introduced to them.


As I connect with your energy, I see or feel, through your heart connection, that your guide or totem is already with you.  My portraits create a space to connect with your guide and this allows them to be the catalyst for awakening your special energy that has been dormant or hard to reach for some time.

  1. Do the Animal Spirit Guides that you channel offer a name to identify them by?

Some guides do if they feel it is important to the person and others do not believe it is necessary.  In the latter case they wish the person to concentrate on the challenge ahead and feel that a name will hinder their progress.

  1. In what realms do these beings reside and in what ways can they connect to a client’s current physical incarnation? (i.e. future-self, elemental, higher destiny/astral, ET, aspect of ones’s soul, past lives).

We are all connected to the web of life and all of my connections are made through energy. 


As in the Shamanistic realm, there is the underworld:  that is the place people need to work on repressed energy and lessons.  It holds valuable information and is core to a person’s creativity.  It is a place where some of our valuable gifts reside and are discovered.


The astral world:  A totem may come to show a solution to a problem, or present a lesson if they feel that you are walking away from any aspect of self.

  1. Would you say your ‘Channeled Spirit Art’ is a reflection of the client, their spirit animal guide or both? And in what ways?

It is both.  As I access and read the heart’s energy it presents me with a story about what is going on at that point in time.  I usually have an energetic shift in my Chakra and I mirror that shift in energy in what I create.  Once I am in that personal space, I ask to meet one of the person’s guide’s who wishes to come forward, and then wait for them to engage with me.  Energetically they come in the form of an ‘animal totem’.  Most people feel they can easily relate to their totem, this is more pronounced with children.


I have also found that many different animals and teachers come to us on our journey, but we will only develop a deep connection with a few.  Many spirits visit us at different times in our lives to help us through different life challenges to help us with our self-discovery.  Different animal spirits will offer us different guidance, strengths and gifts to help us overcome the adversities that are affecting us at that point in time.

  1. You offer two Guided Reading options: one that is full colour and one that can be coloured by the client.  Would you say the colours in themselves represent meaning, and if so, how does each option affect the reading?

I believe the colours do represent meaning.  But, I find some people just enjoy hearing their reading, and do not seek the service of their spirit guide.  They feel confident that they can care for themselves spiritually without added help.  Often they feel happy about having things clarified that they may have already worked out.


Other people like to engage in the energy themselves by feeling the colours and want to become involved in the process of connecting with their guide.  I believe people instinctively know which colours they need for further healing.  I have my ‘colour me happy’ pages for meditation and at times I encourage people to engage in the colouring-in process used in my competitions.  I’m often told that these pages were just the thing they needed to help shift negative energy.  It s a hands-on process to self-healing.


There are others, like me, who like to be fully emerged with their guide and want to experience their world through their guide’s eyes.  They enjoy the space I have created for them to access their guide and find it easier when I assist in introducing them to theirs.  I feel this energy work is quite new to a lot of people and I give each individual the best option for their own pathway. 


Some clients keep their totem close and interact before sleep, others keep them in a ‘sacred space’, while others keep them in their journal.


I want to make sure all my clients have access to their guides at a level they feel comfortable.  

Kassi Gregory is an intuitive artist and spirit walker who offers guided advice through her art. To see more of her spirit art or book a Reading visit her website Tigirisillustrations.com