Life Path Number 22, The Master Builder, Teacher & Psychic Seer Walking Between WorldsWe were born as the strongest and possibly the most successful of Life Path numbers, and with this great exprience of freewill came the ability to walk between spiritual realms by integrating metaphysical knowledge carried on a cellular level and download to apply in daily life.

As Master Builder’s We Can Create Something From Nothing

But, have the freewill not to…

  • On one hand, we have the potential to be the Master Builder, as individuals capable of perceiving something great in the archetypal, spiritual worlds and using it to manifest in the 3rd dimension.
  • On the other hand, we can also slide to the depths of obscurity, achieving little more than personal support for others (been there, done that).

Our Path Is Not Just About Fulfillment Of The Self, But Also Others & With This Comes Great Responsibility.

Our Intuitive nature can be found in both benevolent and malevolent of souls incarnate. This duality is important as the sacred energies of light could not exist and continue to teach without darkness.

As a child with the life path number 22, I often looked to the sky and stars thinking of and wanting to see others and learn about others, intrigued by hypnosis, magic, psychics and the like. As earthbound souls, it can take an adjustment period until we understands our purpose, place and accept that potential (which after of lifetime of conditioning can present many internal battles). 22s may also fear failure and ridicule due to many past life times of not being accepted, being burned at the stake, shunned from their family and living a life of understanding beyond the collective around them. It is because of this, we need supportive people in our lives that ideally resonate with us or at least don’t push un into that negative cycle.

In other ways our life is also going to be filled with challenges, as master builders also have specific spiritual gifts to be realized as this life experience ultimately guides the 22 toward their true calling.

With these powerful manifesting energies all around them, 22 quickly learn to monitor what they say, think and feel as karma can be an instantaneous teacher otherwise.

As Life Path 22’s We Are Humble Souls

You came here to be thrown into the forefront as a teacher, healer or seer with great influence, however, I know I would be content leading by example. Still, your calling in this incarnation is influencing the souls of many people and you will be pushed to keep doing so.

We exist by virtue of vision and ever changing, self-taught ideals, which need to be utilized to guide and inspire others to join in co-creating your dream. It is by bringing together collective forces that we are able to bring together the essential elements:

  • People, ideas and resources – that will enable the realization of dreams.

Your Life Path Requires Ongoing Personal & Spiritual Development

By having the capability to incorporate seemingly conflicting features within ones-self – our natural inclination toward practicality, as well as inspiring vision – we acquire the talent to cope efficiently using a multitude of people. This enables one to understand and unite many differing individuals toward one goal, melding them into a whole that is co-created though being of-service.

Our task in life is to unite our dream with the bottom line and to do this we give of ourselves in exchange for building our foundation with bricks being laid by contributing persons over time.