I’ve been kind of searching for my life’s purpose, and how it ties into my career. I’m tired of the corporate ladder and trying to move up, and I want to help people, but I’m not sure how I can help them, or with what.

I got an intuitive reading from someone else and their suggestion was that I look into becoming a Life Coach. I hadn’t thought about it before then, but I wanted to get some confirmation from someone else. I don’t really have the training or experience to be a counselor, and I am reserved and introverted by nature. So, this is why I thought you’d be the perfect person to either confirm this or maybe point me in another direction.

Should I pursue becoming a Life Coach? Is that what would make be feel fulfilled in life, and yet still be able to support my family and pay the bills? If so, then what sorts of things would I be helping people with? Is there a certain area I’d be particularly good at, that I should focus in? How would I even get started helping people as a life coach?

If not a life coach, then what might be another area that would be a good fit for me, and how do you suggest I get there?

thank you!


I view everyone’s life purpose as being personal development and spiritual growth, by becoming more loving and forgiving of ourselves and others we serve humanity in a very basic but deeply profound way. Meaning, our career or talents are not exclusive to our life’s purpose but, those who feel called to help can indeed merge the two in ways that serve the self and others.

I too am quite introverted and reserved but have found my personal growth is often reflected though my Readings. For example: growth in my career requires me to step out of my comfort zone, to take that leap of faith and accept opportunities to experience new situations I feared like, Reading in front of people or at a venue. My point being that as long as your fears are accompanied by anticipation (of something) than the opportunity has been put in your path to serve your highest good.

Moving from the corporate ladder to any new line of work creates hesitation being fear, you have anticipation for personal development and feel called to help others so, I would agree a career change in alignment with these two things is right for you and there are many ways to successfully merge the two.

Although currently suppressed, my impression is that you were born with a talent for the expressive arts and self-expression so, I feel a good step for you is getting in touch with some type of self-expression that helps you step out of that reserved space because getting in touch with your unconditioned state of being will fulfill an aspect of yourself that assist and ease your success moving forward.

The idea that comes to me is of InterPlay, this is a form of therapy that uses movement to integrate the body, mind and spirit. I’d like to suggest that you look online, like on meetup.com and see if anyone is offering Interplay groups or something similar in your area and if so, I’d like to ask that you try it. This is a coached form of life improvement and if you can embrace your natural talents for self-expression and enjoy this therapy than applying expressive arts tools within your specialty would be my top preference for you.

I agree becoming a Life Coach is a good fit for you because I feel it will serve your personal growth while helping others develop. It is up to you what area you choose to help people with but as a starting point I would suggest that you know what niche specialty excites you by evaluating the excitement felt towards helping people in areas that you already have life experience with.

For Example: there are many people trying to climb the corporate ladder and although it’s no longer for you, you could apply your experience to coach those trying to reach the top, transition careers or help create work-life balance. The idea of helping other declutter their lives by applying organization skills and/or in releasing emotional attachments to possessions taking up space in their lives is an area that I feel would suit you and if you find the expressive arts suit your style, perhaps you engage your clients though suitable expressions. This may seem silly but doing a little work that’s fun but comfortable to each individual will help them feel proactive, lighter, less pressure, the session quicker and build a report with you being some body they want to see again.

I feel being a life coach would fullfil your life, by helping others but also by growing yourself throughout the process. I also feel you could make a living that supports your family and eventually work less but before you pursue training I would suggest you research the types of coaches in your area to see what types of competition there is and what others charge and consider reaching out to other life coaches to ask questions, see if you might sit in on a session or get a consultation to confirm for yourself this career is calling you.

I expect you will peruse being a life coach, I also expect the process of training and getting set-up to provide services full-time will take eight months to a year. I suggest that you focus on in-person clientele with a local listing and ideally a website to be found for relevant keywords, provide information for those considering hiring you and as a foundation if you choose to offer long-distance sessions like though skype.

Love to you,  Holly Joy