psychic holly joys trip to lily dale

Several years ago I watched No One Dies in Lily Dale and knew then & their that someday in this lifetime I had to visit. June 2014 the opportunity finally came and we arrived Opening Day.

The welcome was warm as we checked-in to the fern Island Inn, a guest house hosted by John and Lew. The name fit as the coffee pouch was surrounded with ferns.Our room as all the rooms were beautifully decorated and spacious. As I took a photo to share we even caught Orbs with us.

We unpacked in time to attend the Healing Temple. Several Healers dressed in white were in front of the Temple, when my turn came I sat up front as a registered Healer attuned my body. I could feel the heat and powerful energy flowing from her hands, she was very intuitive as she focused on problem areas without them being mentioned. In front of the Temple was a prayer tree, were you could write someones name on a ribbon and tie it on the tree.

We then went over to the Auditorium for Silver Tea – a social gathering. I was anticipating refreshments but the Lily Dale community exceeded my expectations by loading tables wall to wall with food! 

At night we sat by the waterside looking at the moon reflecting in the natural spring and the fire fly’s all around us.

Saturdays events were more then could be attended, we started with morning meditation, a quite hour of silence. 

Then went met at the museum to go on a walking tour with Nam the Lily Dale Historian, author of four books and Psychic that uses his abilities to reveals what he says really took place thought history. 

He introduced me to Precipitated Spirit Painting located in the Hotel, these painting were manifested onto canvas out of materials found near the Mediums and tested to reveal the psychical sources as natural substances such as butterfly dust & Pollen. They were the most realistic portraits I have ever encountered.  

We then went to the library that holds some of the oldest text on spiritualism to watch a video presentation.

The rest of the afternoon was spent attending several message services throughout Lily Dale. In attendance were several Mediums from all over the world. Each Medium was only allocated five minutes to validate the sitter and deliver the message. Each Medium had their process and I enjoyed watching them work; some would point out a person in the audience, validate the connection and deliver the message while others would state their impressions and those who could claim that information would stand up, in the case of two or more people standing the Medium would offer more and more information until only one person was left to claim the Spirit.   

In the evening I took a leap of faith and went to the beach to register for the Sweat Lodge. Twenty-Five participants were blessed with sage before forming two circles in a tiny enclosed dome. Several hot stones were brought in with a blessing and placed in the center hole, when all stones and herbs had been offered the door to the dome was closed and we were in total darkness, water was poured onto the stones and the steam hit my lungs – I panicked and soon understood why prayer to get though this was mentioned, and so I prayed and eventually calmed down. We sang many songs and prayed out loud as sweat poured to the earth. For 90 minutes without water I struggled less and less each time the steam hit me and in the end was joyful that I did not leave. In the silence I received a message of encouragement though metaphor.   

That night we went back to the auditorium were a projector had been set-up, one Medium drew a portrait live while another Medium stated the information she was being given, in the end the image was recognized and the information validated as connecting to one deceased person. In Lily Dale a handful of mediums work though Spirit Art in several forms, such as: Spirit & Guide Portraits, Auragraphs (i.e. A Reading of the sitter’s aura) and Encaustic Wax (i.e. Trance painting using hot wax). 

I told my Guides early on that I did not need a message, that others in attendance needed it more and I had no expectations to receive a message, however I do feel that in some instances many people including me could validate several specific things and although the entirety of the reading was not directed towards me, I feel that some things said were “piggy-backed”, meaning that they were meant for more then one person, like loved ones in spirit collaborated in a way that would give as many people what they needed to hear in the time that we had.

On Sunday we walked the Seven Circuit Labyrinth…

Feed the squirrels…

And left feeling as our souls had been renewed.

What I loved most about Lily Dale was the acceptance of Spirit communication, anyone could say “Spirit just told me…” without judgment, knowing that what they had to say might not make any sense to everyone but that it did to someone and that their day would be better for it.