I Want To Manifest More Abundance But I'm Drained Of Energy & Mentally FoggyI am struggling to find my life’s purpose right now. I work at a full time job but not in the field that I graduated in. I have my Bachelors in communications public relations. Its been four years since I graduated college and I’m 30 years of age now and still no career or job in that field. I want to manifest more wealth and abundance in my life I don’t know why I’m drained of energy and mentally foggy. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Thank You For Your Question…

I feel like part of your path in life is trying to realize aspects of your utopian dream, not just for yourself by having more wealth and a successful career but by helping others as well. Public Relations is a being Of-Service type of job and I feel you were attracted to it because giving of yourself is where you find the most satisfaction.

I feel like your challenge is wanting so much to just handle the larger areas of this career but your put in a position where you don’t have anyone to take-on those required tasks you find uninteresting or that you’re not that motivated to do anymore, like fill out a ton of applications. You’re not alone, I know many people that put a lot of time, effort and money into College and never found a job in their field.

Perhaps you haven’t heard but burning degrees is a trend because so many people can’t find work.

But, that’s ok and this is good because it puts you in a position of needing to use your imagination and get creative and with that comes all sorts of new ideas and movement in a better more preferred way.   

I feel your path of least resistance is not to keep filling out applications. I feel you have better options.

I would suggest you earn some credibility by offering your independent services or areas of work you know in limited capacity for free or at cost to worthy business or organizations in exchange for permission to use their name, logo, review, samples, whatever and build yourself-up as an entrepreneur. Perhaps you want to focus on helping small business or non-profit organizations and approach them about what “packages” you offer.

I feel if you put in the leg work to get initial clients and present yourself as available for hire by contact online, you can make more money and work for yourself without putting in as much effort and in a relatively short period of time (meaning less than a year to be stable) compared to people in other fields trying to do the same; and once your excited about the future, I feel your energy will boost and the fog will clear.


Love To You, Holly Joy