The Most Meaningful Tarot Cards When You Are Asking About LoveOften our relationship with the significant person in our life, or the act of seeking that person, can bring the most uncertainty and turmoil to our inner selves, leading us to seek spiritual guidance from the Tarot deck.

If you are asking the deck questions about love, here are five of the most significant cards that may appear in your reading, and what they might mean. The specific meaning of the individual cards will depend on you, the question you are asking, and where they appear in relationship to the other cards drawn during the reading.

The Lovers

With love playing such a big role in our lives, it is no wonder that the Tarot deck has a card called the Lovers. However, this card is more to do with self-love and respect than love relationships. Nevertheless, it is still an important card when asking about love as it may indicate that you need to work on yourself and being happy within yourself before you can be happy with another person.

This card is still first on my list as unlike the other cards that you will see, this is a Major Arcana card. In general, the Major Arcana carry messages about the ‘big picture’ and the overarching themes that are impacting on you and your life, while the Minor Arcana provide more specific and detailed information.

The Two of Cups

Cups is the suit in the Tarot deck that represents water, emotions and relationships, and the two of cups represents duality or the joining of two individuals. The iconography of the card usually represents two people coming together, toasting some shared interest or success.

Seeing this card come up when you are asking about love often signifies that you have found a person who you can share this current stage of your life with, or that this person will enter your life shortly.

Four of Wands

The Four of Wands is indicative of celebration and freedom. While many people associate the celebration angle of this card with the idea of a wedding – and if it appears close to other cards such as the Heirophant it may be a specific reference to this – this card alone is not a specific reference to marriage.

The four of Wands indicates the feeling of joy and freedom a person feels when they find a person with whom they can truly be themselves and be comfortable.

Ace of Swords

The Ace of Swords can often signal that a relationship is coming to an end. Many cultures and myths describe a ‘life thread’ that unfolds and weaves through our lives. When the Ace of Swords appears in a reading it often means that a thread in our tapestry of life is being cut, and for a love reading this can mean the end of a relationship.

While this is often a difficult card to see, for many people it just reinforces something that they already knew. Only by letting go of what is no longer serving us or is no longer healthy for us can we make way for new adventures, experiences, and loves, in our lives.

Ten of Pentacles

This card is generally a sign of culmination and final fulfillment. The iconography of the card usually shows a wise man surrounded by family in a setting that suggests success and comfort, and a happy couple standing beneath an archway. This card is often a sign that you have all that you need, and to enjoy the fruits of your life without striving for something new.

For those in a relationship this often means that you are on the right path, and to accept your relationship and your partner as they are and not to try and change the person in your life. For those seeking love, it is usually a sign to stop actively seeking. It indicates that you have a life full of abundance and everything that you need right now, and that if you just continue to focus on yourself, eventually the love you seek will find you.