The first and foremost reason that anyone seeks out a Medium is to discover whether or not their loved ones have survived death. Most people, obviously, hope very dearly that their loved ones have indeed survived and gone to the, “Other side,” and what most Mediums say is a resound, “Yes, your loved ones have survived death and are waiting for you. They want to talk to you and they are near.”

But before we get more into that let us define exactly what a Medium is. Classically a Medium is an individual whom can communicate with the spirits of the dead to the living. Hence the name since these individuals, “Mediate,” communication between these spirits and their human counterparts.

Now, many people do not believe in the nature of psychics or will claim that all psychics are self-deluded or frauds, however, what is undeniable and wholly true is the validation offered and comfort people receive from the belief that their loved ones can still hear and communicate with them. A true Medium provides comfort and closure and a great deal of peace of mind.

There is a distinction to be made between a Psychic and a Medium, one which most people interested in things that have to do with spirits tend to make. The difference for people visiting one of these two different kinds of spiritualists is that while a Medium makes a direct connection to the spirit any other type of Psychic will only be able to feel vibrations, emotions and gain from these impressions.

The attempt to contact the spirits of the dead is a very old practice, as old as the desire for closure and consolation. Mediumship gained popularity in the early 19th century where sadly, there were widespread reports of fraud.

Another reason that one might want to seek out a Medium aside from wanting to be returned to their dear ones is merely to see if the practice of mediumship actually works or not. These people could be scientists, skeptics, cynics, or just very tentative types of people who want to find out whether or not there is anything to the practice of mediumship. There is naturally a lot of skepticism surrounding Psychics and the one kind of Psychic whom receives the greatest amount of caution and disbelief is perhaps the Medium, because it is quite a claim and somewhat taboo to say that one can speak with the spirits of the dead. Because of this skepticism there is naturally a lot of very curious people whom come to see these Mediums, either with an even handed curiosity and will to understand or simply with a desire to debunk what they prematurely have settled upon as a non-existing practice.