When selecting your psychic business name and URL they don’t have to be the same.

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For Example: our psychic business name is Across The Realms but our URL is ATRpsychics.com. By doing this we have made our URL easy to remember and included a top keyword.

There is a lot more to take into account in the online world, as your competition ranges from other independent psychic businesses to psychic networks, Tarot Reading websites, Reiki Healers and more.

On the Internet, people find you through search engines and in those, they use keywords to get to where they want to be. Having at least one keyword in your URL and/or business name is ideal because it helps search engines know that your website is relevant to that prime keyword.

So, for example, if they search for “psychic readings” they might get an article talking about what psychic readings are, and not a services website like yours, depending on the optimization of your website.

This makes choosing the name of your business a challenge because you don’t want to choose something too general like “psychic readings” or you’re stacking the odds against yourself.

When choosing a name for your Psychic Business:

1 – Be Ultra-Specific, and General At The Same Time

Your business name should make it pretty clear you are offering psychic services, but it shouldn’t be too broad or you’re making it hard on yourself. Try to think about something that would connect with people, but that isn’t the exact name of a service you might be offering.

Moreover, if you pick exact names, you are also branding yourself incorrectly – unless you only provide one type of service, of course.


2 – Think Of The Search Terms

When picking your name, since we’re in the online world, think about the keywords people will use to get to you. Choose a name that is often researched so you’ll get loads of organic traffic with time, and not just a name that’ll get you recognized.

Having a name that is searched for will bring in organic traffic. It might not be as precious as targeted traffic, but it’ll still convert a few visitors into paying customers, so watch out for that.


3 – Pick A Name You’re Happy With

At the end of the day, you need to have a business name that is easy to rank in search engines, easy to explain and understand for your customers and, obviously, that you’re happy with.

If you get a name that’s easy to rank and pretty self-explanatory, you just need to make sure you smile every time you think you’re the owner of that business. Does it make you happy? Good, you got it!

This might look frivolous, but if you get a name you’re happy with, you’ll work extra hard on your business and you are going to be a lot more productive than what you think. These are crucial for your success, so start thinking about that glorious name.

Excerpt From:

The Complete Guide to Building Your Online Spiritual Business Using WordPress

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