The Numerology Of 2017 - What To Look Forward ToHappy New Year everyone! I liked to have a look at the 2017 numerology and what this looks like for the forthcoming months before we get too much into the brand new year.

We try to browse our individual energy and how we’re going to manifest for the next 365 days, when a New Year arrives. You’ve discovered it before… “New Year – New You” so, with that in the back part of our heads, let’s keep this energy positive!


A Year of New Beginnings
2017 is a worldwide number 1 year. We add the individual digits 2 0 1 7=10 to figure that out. We subsequently add 1 0 = 1 to get down to a single digit. (There will likely be no more mathematics, I swear.) One is the start number but also makes us look at this new beginning separately, standing in our own personal power and letting our unique selves shine so quite bright. We have to remember to show the positive and beat the negative which is brought into our energy field. Redirecting us differently and knowing this is for a reason, we are consistently going towards Yin and Yang equaling balance.

Breaking 2017 Down, Digit by Digit

2 – Let’s begin by studying the number 2 since this is the first amount of the year and it results in leadership. The number 2 leaves us with a desire to nurture and make harmony and has a vibration of being sensitive. It brings love and also a motherly nurturing in caring for the individuals which surround us in our own lives. We all know the mothering sign is ruled by the moon Cancer, the psychological astrological sign, bringing us to the heart of feelings and how we approach life while hopefully being more supportive and peaceful within ourselves and others.

0 – Next the zero in 2017 has a hidden talent which can draw out changes with enormous potential but this has to be handled very carefully. We direct us into major transformations and can link zero with the planet Pluto which has the hidden energies that get us confront our darkest truth. The darkness filtered out brings us to our greatest strengths just such as the Phoenix rising out of the ashes. We see things otherwise which deepens our understanding.

1 – My favorite number is 1 and it symbolizes the number of formation of God or Spirit. This really is where all amounts are created, and like Spirit, can enter all things without changing.

7 – The closing amount 7 is linked to Neptune. All blocks that obstruct spiritual advancement within our spirits are removed by this powerful planet. It also regulates the beats of life and growing within the planet including the 7 days of the week, 7 colours in the spectrum, 7 notes in a scale, and even plants from a pure form have 7 petals. And on a personal note, my favorite flower, the lotus, is the center of all blooms.

An Amazing Year!
2017 is going to be a fantastic year, so bring on the new starts! Let’s adopt every second by being unique, honoring who you are, making your dreams truth, standing in your own personal power, and running towards making your light shine so bright!

Sending you much love, light and a lot of blessings!!