The Benefits Of Writing Your Online Psychic Business

Blog Posts, Content & Slugs Around Psychic Keywords

In this chapter, you will learn the benefits of writing your page content, blog posts and URL Slugs (ATRpsychics.com/Psychic-Readings) around your keywords.

  1. It Brings Attention To Your Psychic Business.


When your blog posts and page posts are built around your keywords, much attention is brought to your business. As a result, it gives your business a great exposure. Obviously, this enhances sales.

  1. It Is A Marketing Strategy.

It helps to bear in mind that clients purchase a consultant’s expertise because they do not have the information themselves. This is why the more centralized your blog posts and page contents are around your keywords, the more marketing benefits you will get.

One of our keywords is “Phone Psychic Readings” so I wrote a blog post entitled

The Advantages Of Phone Psychic Readings” and created my URL Slug as ATRpsychics.com/Phone-Psychic-Readings I also used the title as my ALT title for my blog post image and included those words in my SEO title and description as well as my tags.

  1. It Helps The Research/Buying Link

Giving out quality information and services is not enough to ensure your psychic business success. You cannot assume that everybody has heard about your brand. You cannot assume that your business is the best place people can get the right psychic materials. People are constantly searching online and researching good deals on the web. By writing your blog posts and page contents around certain keyword and offering the informative content they were seeking is like a prospect magnet. It attracts potential clients to your business website through relevant keywords. It is about bringing your clients were they want to be and indirectly pointing them towards the offers and solutions you have for them.

  1. It Multiplies Your Impact

By ignoring writing your blog posts and page contents around certain keywords, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. Blogging around your keywords will massively impact your business by getting it in from of targeted clients. It gets you qualified leads and converts them into cash-spending clients.

  1. It Gets You Free Advertising

Writing your page content and blog posts around your keywords dictates how your business will rank and display in search results.

  1. It Leverages Social Sharing

After your blog posts are written around certain keywords you can broadcast them with Social , a WordPress plugin to be shared on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Google plus. This enables you to build your community fan base and redirected those interested in your content back to your blog post and website.

  1. It Builds Trust And Credibility

Blogging around your keywords makes you and your brand stronger and well recognized. The goal is that when people search for certain relevant keywords, they should find you on the top of the search results. This makes people think you are the best. People want to work with the best. If you are there at the top of search engine results, it boosts your credibility.

So you have it, seven benefits you stand to gain when you write your page contents and blog posts around your keywords.

Excerpt From The Complete Guide To Building Your Online Psychic Business Using WordPress

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