Why You Should Make The Switch To Oral Botanica, Chemical & Fluoride Free Liquid Toothpaste For Sensitive TeethWhen it comes personal care products and their ingredients, Tri knows more than the average woman. With 25 years’ experience as a chemist working for the largest chemical company in the world, she truly has an inside view of what ingredients make up some of the most well-known products on the market, and how dangerous those ingredients are to consumers. It’s not just the inside perspective that gives Tri insight, however.  As a consumer herself, she’s experienced the frustration of trying to find a product that worked for her needs and today Tri is going to talk to us about her liquid toothpaste product line Botanica Culture International and how it can help your oral health and overall wellbeing too. Welcome Tri.


To start, many people have never heard of liquid toothpaste; can you explain what it is and how it’s used?

A liquid toothpaste is a one stop oral care solution to be used to clean the teeth and kill the pathogenic (“bad”) bacteria in the mouth whereas the commensal (“good”) bacteria are not affected. As the base is 100% oil, it acts much faster than the water based “normal” toothpastes or a gel toothpastes. Oral Botanica can be used not only to replace conventional toothpaste, but it also can be used as a very effective mouthwash and breath freshener.


To get the most benefit of oral care products, we should first floss our teeth. Then we brush our teeth with liquid toothpaste. Just put 2 drops on a wet toothbrush and brush for 2 minutes as usual. Rinse slightly to get the food debris out of the mouth.


If we want to use a mouth wash, we add 2-3 drops of the liquid toothpaste into a half glass of water and gargle.


If you need to freshen your breath, just put a drop on the tip of your tongue and coat the gums line to fresh your breath.

Oral Botanica Fluoride Free ToothpasteQ:  Personally, this has been a journey for you; what was it that made you feel called to create these products and why are you so passionate about offering the public this alternative?

Back 12 years ago, I had a severe gum disease. It was so bad that it made me depressed. I went from one dentist to another one searching for a solution. My gums were inflamed, bleeding, and receding. I suffered from low esteem due to bad breath. It was so bad that I could not even eat properly. I could not bite an apple as gums were getting weaker and weaker and easily started bleeding. No dentist could help me. After unsuccessfully searching for 3 years, I gave up and told myself that I needed to change my oral care habits completely. Together with my husband, who is also a chemist, we started to conduct some research and trials. We found out that the chemicals in the toothpastes were the culprits of my problems. We then developed a formula based on 100% organic chemical free plant based materials. Amazingly, after using the concoction for 1- 2 weeks, I noticed huge improvements in my overall oral health, and subsequently also my general health started improving. We were so relieved and conducted some further tests to confirm our findings. It became obvious that we had found the answer to my problem.

This finding gives us a sense of urgency that we need to share with as many people as possible. In the beginning, it was very difficult to convince people to stop using their foamy toothpastes. People did not believe that an oily foamless toothpaste and fluoride free toothpaste could clean and protect the teeth and at the same time safe the gums. But along the journey, we met some desperate people who had been suffering from gum diseases and could not afford to pay high dental cost. They tested our product, which we called Oral Botanica Classic, and we only received positive feedback. We were delighted to be able to help people who suffered from all kind of oral health issues.

Q:  I stopped using fluoride toothpaste about six years ago and I know your products are organic, chemical and fluoride free. Can you tell us a little bit about what ingredients Oral Botanica uses and why they are preferable to traditional toothpaste made by large corporations? 

Congratulations!! You have made the right decision by giving up fluoride. Fluoride in the toothpaste has been a debate until today but our conclusions from studying a lot of research papers is clear: The negative effects outweigh the benefits. Therefore, Oral Botanica Kids and Oral Botanica Classic are fluoride free toothpastes for kids and also for adults.


In the beginning, we only developed Oral Botanica Classic. It consists of 6 organic ingredients, all food grade oils. These are almond oil, peppermint oil, myrrh oil, spearmint oil, clove oil, and tea tree oil. Then many parents who noticed the benefits of Oral Botanica Classic asked us to develop a product for their kids. So we came up with Oral Botanica Kids. This product has been developed to meet the need of toddlers and children. It contains organic oils of almond oil, sweet orange, fennel oil, lemon oil, myrrh oil and spearmint oil as raw materials.


The manufacturing process of both products comprises two steps: First we extract several components. We do not add any synthetic chemicals, not even in traces. Then we blend the components in ratios which we have optimized. The finished products have powerful antibacterial, anti-inflammation, anti-fungus effects and are able to eliminate the unwanted bacteria, fungus, and yeast in the mouth and at the same time to remove bad breath. Oral Botanica is also a powerful toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Sensitive teeth can be treated by using Eugenol in clove oil, which is one of Oral Botanica Classic’s raw materials.


Those large corporations dominating the mainstream oral care market are targeting at the majority of consumers by offering cheap toothpastes and mouthwashes based on lowest cost raw materials. The ingredients of these oral care products are mainly synthetic chemicals and cheap fillers with small amounts of natural ingredients. Whether we like it or not, everyday people who use conventional toothpastes, exposed their delicate mucous in the mouth with harsh chemicals and swallow it bit by bit every day. In the long term this can have a bad impact on their overall health and also cause gum irritation, allergic reactions and dryness in the mouth. The reason is because the commonly used toothpastes cannot selectively kill the unwanted bacteria.

Q:  Besides just being a daily toothpaste, what oral health benefits can people expect?

Adults using our oral care products can expect clean teeth, healthier gums, no bad breath, no dryness in the mouth and no mouth ulcers.


Children using Oral Botanica Kids will have healthier and stronger teeth, and much less problems with tooth decay, cavities and bad breath.

Q:  Would you say that addressing these oral health issues has a direct impact on your overall health and in what ways?

Absolutely !! The mouth is the gate to our overall health. The unwanted bacteria in the mouth can travel all over our organs and cause blockage, and inflammation. Gum disease is linked to heart attack, stroke, diabetes, premature birth, and even dementia.

Q:  You have also created some Botanica Culture’s products for use on the skin and lips, are you working on creating an entire personal care line or have anything new in the works?

Yes, we do have something in the pipeline. However, we are reluctant to announce new products before we are ready to launch them. And, of course, our slogan remains “Say No To Chemicals”.