parent child astrologyA parent is obviously the most important person from the first days of child’s life…

If parent has been entitled as a profession, it would be the most popular one, and so many spheres of our life are tied to our children. Parenting is a very important topic, just because the way parents behave and lead the life really impacts future of their child. All the best and the worst idiosyncrasies in a child are the direct or indirect results of parental impact. All the unrealized dreams and desires of parents can lead to a failure if a parent tries to impose them to a child. So, to cut long story short, parenting is a matter of the highest importance.

Quite often a lot of parents intuitively feel the probable time of birth, often with the help of dreams and inner discernment they can almost precisely say the time of birth and gender of a child. Every child has his or her individual natal chart, life path and destiny. A lot of people nowadays believe that our life path is already written by the minute of coming to this world. However, another common belief states that many factors can alter our development and progress in this world, including social and economical environment, relationships with parents, proper and regular education. All these factors can direct and shape your child in this world. For a parent it is essential to provide the best conditions for a child and protect from negative influence that is so widespread in our world.

Parents are a symbol of pure altruism, when it comes to their children. They need to know for sure that their loved child is surrounded by the best in this world. Parents strive to develop the best characteristics in their child and help them if the life road leads them wrong way. When parents raise a child, they simply spend their childhood one more time, often trying to correct the mistakes they’ve made earlier, projecting them on their kids. It is very important to choose proper strategy for bringing up. It is always a need for compromise, to place the needs of a child over your needs. The natal chart of a child can help you define the characteristics and tendencies of your child, what to develop and what to pay attention to. Natal chart can inform you about the dangers and negative moments in the life of your child. It will tell you how to react on such events and how to avoid them. It is a great support from the stars. Read also complete parenting astrology guide by zodiac sign.

Astrological knowledge can show the direction, but can not lead you through this path. When you read the instructions regarding your child, don’t accentuate on the negative features, pay attention to the positive ones. Everything that is bad can be changed with the flow of life. Sometimes it is easy to change what is predisposed, sometimes we need to put lots of efforts. However, the result is worth of any trying. Don’t forget to develop all the talents that were given to you by birth.

Trines and sextiles are very important for the Astrology. They can provide a lot of answers regarding energetic balance we all seek for, or regarding the energetic destruction to avoid. They include difficult situations for us to cope with, skills we obtain, and possible future disappointments. They also can guide us on how to cope with hardships, how to accept inner self and offer a strategy of behavior in different situations. As a result, we can see our prospective and adjust to life in a profitable for us way. They help us understand the need of patience and consistency in life, as well as the importance of every action directed on our kids, as everything will bring its results.