The Future Of No Office Doctors Appointments & Universal Health Integration Is HereMy partner just spent 11 days in our local hospital and is now home, being his patient advocate I was making all of his appointments today and being susceptible to germs and running low on energy and needing his rest, I was thinking how nice it would be to not have to drive to all of these appointments. I know i’m not the only one so, I started researching this idea and this is what I found on 21st-century solutions that are available.

Modern telemedicine is not just setting up face-to-face video conferencing between two individuals but is enabling doctors and their patients in distant locations to have consultations and get the benefits found in office visits.

Collecting Patient Information From Home Using The Internet

Rather than talking to Patients, doctors can access electronic health record (EHR) information and past visit data to review their patients background, adverse drug reactions, and psychological health status details.

Collecting Documentation & Video Records

We have all heard the old adage, “If it isn’t recorded, it didn’t happen.” I particularly like this idea because the first doctor my partner saw opted not to do any test and diagnosed him with a cold (nearly killing him). Recording the visit captures information about who conducted the meeting, any prescriptions, and the particulars of treatment programs or in home instructions.

Real-time documentation permits systems to upgrade chart notes inside the EHR, record orders and make certain the document is finished, facilitating continuity of care.

The Future Of No Office Doctors Appointments & Universal Health Integration Is HereSecure, HIPPA-Compliant, Web-Based Telemedicine Solutions

Convenience shouldn’t ever override security. Telemedicine options for physicians and patients are encrypted and HIPPA compliant. Security inside the EHR and computing technology shield privacy and individual privilege.

More Reasons Why Patients Like Virtual Visit

While doctors often adopt telemedicine, patients are also reaping the benefits.

1. Quicker access to your Physician. Rather than waiting in queue, driving through traffic and taking some time off work, patients can reach their doctor in a matter of seconds through telemedicine technology.

2. 24-hour, on-demand service that is accessible using devices that are mobile and iPads.

3. Physicians Combine protocol and EHR functionality to help patients obtain their medication.

4. Patients love Monitoring devices that capture their statistics.

5. Inviting family members to appointments through conferencing tools that can’t attend. This improves adherence to doctors orders.

6. EHR systems supply access to the complete record. Interoperability and seamless integration permit teleradiologists to give interpretation of scans and x-rays directly into the EHR. Medical problems can be assessed with one session rather than multiple medical experiences.

7. It is simple to clarify health changes. For instance, patients may take photographs of sores, moles or dermatological problems which are changing and send them.

8. Now that physicians Use EHRs and innovative technology such as PatientClick which produces easy and protected assesability, appointments may occur anywhere — in the house, the workplace, or some other location that a patient feels comfy.

9. When the primary Doctor is away from your office for a protracted period, they are able to share files using a relief physician — in HIPAA guidelines. This hand-off that is private builds assurance that individuals are going to get the exact same caliber of attention out of a virtual supplier that is stand-in.

10. Web-based medical experiences eliminate barriers of space, time and geography. Patients who reside in Nevada can get superior care from an expert in New York or Minnesota without a travel expense at a lower price. The telemedicine visit cost $45 where as other face to face visit cost between $75 to $100 so there is almost 50% in savings!!


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