Positive Thinking - The Power Of Your MindI have a favorite quote that I often refer to.


-“It’s better to light a candle than curse the dark”


As a long time believer of The Law of Attraction, I know how well positive thinking works.


When I tell people that I have 15 years experience of spell casting, many people raise their eyebrows.


-”Spell casting? Isn’t that something that only works in fairytales?”


I often replies with a joke about how I have a cooking pot full of lizard tails, chanting love spells in some ancient language.


However, the kind of spell casting I do is closely related to The Law of Attraction.


The great thing about it is that it has been working for my clients for well over 15 years now.


You see, I have the power of attracting almost anything into my clients life.


I know that it works and I have seen how well it works for such a long time now.


No matter if it is love or money you want in your life, the most powerful way to get it is with positive thinking and the ability to attract it.


How to Attract Something for Someone Else?


Many people believe in The Law of Attraction, especially after the hit book and movie “The Secret” was published by Rhonda Byrne.




The Law of Attraction wasn’t really a new idea, but something that goes way back.

We can actually see it in almost every major religion.


Many people know that you can attract wealth, love, happiness for yourself, but how to do it for someone else?


When I help clients, I focus all my energy by meditating for hours. That way I can begin the attraction on behalf of my client.


You see, the universe can hear me calling, and it usually answer with results for my client.


I can understand if this sounds strange or unfamiliar, but that doesn’t make it less true.


Skeptics often speak ill of Psychics, Healers and other professions in the spiritual field.

The sad thing is that a skeptic mind will have you miss out on so many wonderful things.


The one thing I would like you to take with you after reading this is.


Try to think positive! Smile and the world will smile with you!


You can always reach out to me if you would like to know more.


All my blessings


Dr. Florian


The Chanting Doctor