protect your psychic business with terms and conditions

You probably think that terms and conditions are completely pointless, taking into account that most people never actually read those things. Companies make huge terms and conditions pages in fine print that no one ever reads – why?

Companies don’t do it just so that they can be annoying and get away with some stuff; they do it so that they can protect themselves and their users against misunderstandings and abuse. They actually hire people to write those long terms that no one reads, but they need them to be as well written as possible.

If the terms aren’t well written, someone can actually take advantage of them and abuse the company’s system legally, which would make the company go down in flames. This is a scenario, in which, the company would be protected by the terms and conditions.

On the other hand, if a user doesn’t understand how to properly use the company’s resources, he just might end up getting himself, and possibly the company, in trouble. Let’s imagine a stock imagine company in which you can pretty much grab any photo you’d like and use it for anything, as long as you give the author credits.

Users who don’t read the terms and conditions might not know about giving the author some credit and end up just using the photo however they please, without actually following protocol. The result can be catastrophic, as the user might end up in a legal battle against the author, because he stole his property and used it without permission.

What does this have to do with your psychic business? You need terms and conditions to let your users know how things will work, what they need to do and what you’re going to do, in order to protect both sides.

The terms and conditions should be related to your business. For example, one of the conditions you might want to impose on any user is secrecy and the terms may include general protection guidelines for your business.

If the users don’t actually read the terms and conditions, that is their own fault – you should never use a service you don’t quite know. So if they are dissatisfied with something (and you will come across unhappy people) they won’t be able to legally do anything to you, as all you’ll have to do is send them a link to your terms and conditions.

It’s extremely important that you write those terms and conditions properly. If you like you can use ours as a starting point and adjust accordingly.

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