QUESTION: Why Do My Psychic Abilities Seem To Be Blocked Occasionally?

All I see is short flashes of colors. I’m disconnected. Could you perhaps tune into me and give me some guidance as to what’s going on.

I’m setting up my web page but I should feel assured and remove this block before I begin giving Psychic Readings again.


Please try not to be overly worried, i’ve exprience this as well and promise psychic blockages always pass. Our psychic powers often ebb and wane just like the phases of the moon. A typical happening is when one one unique 6th sense skill, clairvoyance, for example, will go to the back burner and clairsentience will seem to function as psychic sense that is most powerful. When this happens, a specific psychic awareness is wanting to boost itself to a higher degree and when this has finished, on a deep spirit level, then means will then balance out. Merely be patient and let it all appear without going into a panic mode. Simply give it a short amount of time and psychic abilities will appear to flow once again and are more powerful than in the past.