How To Create Your Psychic Business Voicemail


Psychic Service Line With Google Voice

Create Psychic Business Voicemail Or Psychic Service Line With Google Voice


In this article you will learn how to create a voicemail or service line with Google voice.


Google voice is a service from Google that allows users to set-up a separate voicemail, send free texts and receive voicemail transcripts left by callers sent to their email. Users have to sign up for Google voice to create a Google voicemail account. Google voice initially required a Google voice invite code to set-up but now it’s free to all Gmail account holders. So, if you have a Gmail account, the setup is free. When you sign up, you are given a phone number that connects across all devices. This enables all users to connect their phones to one number and also lets users customize which phone rings based on specific callers. Many of the great features on Google voice are free but options such as call reading can only be accessed on the paid account.


Features Of Google Voice


  • Display on your website or use for phone readings
  • Phone routing means clients don’t know your personal phone number
  • Google number displays on caller ID when routed so you know its business
  • You can answer the phone or automatically send to voicemail
  • Custom separate business voicemail for this number
  • Notification of voicemail via text or email with transcript
  • Call blocking for solicitors or annoying clients


To set up your Google voice account, you have to sign up at voice.google.com

You will have to choose between the following types of account.


Types Of Google Voice Accounts


  1. Google Voice Number

This account allows users to receive calls from all their mobile devices and also allow users to customize their Google voice number so that when a call is received, it rings on all of their devices. It can be customized too, so that it rings on certain selected devices.


  1. Google Voice Lite

This account is only for voicemail. It affords users one voicemail for all their devices. A user’s voicemail functions like email. This allows messages to be stored in a user’s Voice inbox. It is from here that it can be accessed online and through mobile phones.


  1. Google Voice On Sprint

This account integrates Google voice service on sprint phones. This account also allows users to use their Sprint number as their Google voice number. Therefore, eliminating the need to have a separate voice number. However, if you already have a Google voice number, you can use it to replace your sprint number.


Other options include Google rates; number porting, Google voice android and Google voice iPhone. There are apps for iPhone and users to manage their Google voice accounts on their mobile.


Once you have chosen your preferred account type, you will select a pin to retrieve your Google voice messages. Then, you will be asked to input a forwarding number. This is the number that will ring when your Google voice number is called. After this step, you will be asked to verify your phone number.



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