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Writing down your intentions helps to anchor your psychic career goals more fully in vibration and this helps though forms materialize. Set aside some time to get into a relaxed state and ask yourself…


  • What Do I Want To Have In My Life Every Few Years Right Now?
  • What Do I Want To Have In My Life Every Few Months From Now?


You may find it helpful to set the Long-Term Goals/Intentions first then break those down into Short-Term Goals/Intentions. Listen for the answers that come from within from deep inside you. Pay attention to feelings that appear that may not even have clear form to them. Be sure you feel passion about these goals you are going to set for yourself. Do not limit yourself with what you feel you should expect or what other people want you to do. Take several deep breaths and write what comes to you from your heart. You can go back later and revise and refine.


Long Term Goals/Intentions  – By When:  

Short Term Goals/Intentions – By When:


After you have filled in all of the spaces, read each one out loud and notice what you feel.

Make note of the energy of each of your goals and intentions and feel which ones carry a lot of energy and what comes up for you around each one?

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