Psychic Chakras I higher chakras 8 - 12
Our Spiritual or Psychic Chakras counted as 8-12 are an advanced means of connecting your inner self and physical self with the divine force in you, the divine force of the universe, and the god-self of other people and beings in this world and in other worlds.
While the first seven Chakras are more specifically oriented to the development of physical well-being and health, the development of these seven principles to their fullest is essential to coming to the point where you are mentally, physically, and spiritually capable of dealing with the spiritual chakras. The development of the spiritual chakras actually begins with the development of the seven physical chakras.

The spiritual chakras are designed to be studied and attained in a step wise manner but you will find that there is a certain degree of overlap in the development of the spiritual chakras that helps you get to the next level. This progression is similar to the necessity of mastering the seven physical chakras in that the seven physical chakras actually start the development of the spiritual chakras before you begin that journey.

Once you find out which chakras you want to focus on, it’s time to pick the best chakra stones that will balance, heal, and clear that chakra. You can also put together a mixture of stones so that you may more easily work at healing your own body.

You must understand that the development of the five spiritual chakras is an interwoven progression. You really do not start with eight and work your way to twelve. You develop all of the spiritual chakras at the same time but mastery of the lower chakras is a necessity for reaching the twelfth chakra. This may seem confusing but you will gain understanding as you continue to progress in your loss of self and joining with the principles and spirit of all things in the universe.
  • The eighth chakra allows you to slip the final bonds to your former human frailties and become a part of the all that is universal. You may experience some resistance in your mind as you seek to rid yourself of the residue of your past and join the higher realm that will allow you to experience higher levels of wisdom and your first experience with astral projection. The eighth chakra demands that you keep and maintain a firm grounding in the first seven chakras.
  • In the ninth chakra you will attain all the Christ energy that has been unavailable to you before. The ninth chakra will reveal all your true potential in the mental and physical realm as a healer, teacher, or creator. Here you find knowledge of your true soul.
  • The tenth chakra brings you into contact with all of the skills, perceptions, and knowledge of your previous lives. You will experience a heightened perception of other people and an almost unbelievable ability to succeed in any effort by drawing on the accumulated knowledge and experience of your hundreds of previous lives.
  • The eleventh chakra begins you merging with the soul of the universe. This stage of advancement used to take several years to completely achieve, but is much easier now to those who desire it. You will experience the ability to transform matter at will, develop telekinetic ability, and physical projection in space and in time.
  • The twelfth chakra releases you from all the physical limitations of your body. The skills developed in the eleventh chakra come fully into force in all dimensions of the physical and spiritual planes of existence. This level allows you to make complete use of all the abilities you have in the entire universe and even in universes that are not perceived.