How To Start a Psychic Development Circle

If you are interested in starting your own Psychic Development Circle but unsure were to begin you can follow our template perfected over several years.

1st – you need to choose if you are going to host it over the phone, the internet or in person, if you choose the phone or internet your going to want to sign-up with a third party service that allows you to record your meetings.

Phone Psychic Development Circle – I recommenced Free Conference Call because it allows you to have 1,000 callers and several free hours plus you can record every meeting to publish & display on your website and/or social media like Mixcloud also, with your participants & volunteer sitters that receive practice Psychic Medium Readings from your students. There is hardly ever any interference or static and if there is you can ask everyone to mute when not talking. You will also always have the same call-in information – this can be a downfall if you are charging. This is a good medium to also give private Psychic phone readings though because you can offer your clients a free MP3 of there Reading.

Online Psychic Development Circle – I recommenced Zoom Pro Plan because the free version limits your Psychic Circle to 40 minutes. The Pro plan is $9.99 a month and it allows you to have 25 attendees and unlimited hours. Attendees can enter though phone, PC or App and you can record every meeting in MP3 & MP4 format to share with participants & volunteer sitters that receive practice Psychic Medium Readings from your students, you can choose several views to record as well if you only want to display certain faces in the shared video. Also, there is hardly ever any interference or static compared to the other company’s we tried like Any Meeting, if there is you can have everyone mute themselves. However, you will have to create each meeting and share your new information with your attendees every time – this is good if you are charging your students. I again recommend that you use your material or cut it into sections and create a YouTube Channel and publish some or all of your Psychic Development Circle for reference with your students, though social media and on your website.

You can cut your MP3 files for free Here and your MP4 files Here.

One hour Psychic Development Circle Written Template – each week you are going to want to choose a theme.

The 1st Half Hour:

1. Intro – write your introduction about your circle

2. Welcome – Introduce yourself and everyone present

3. Mention what other things you offer

– I’m Holly Joy, I host Intuitive Pathways on Facebook, this Psychic Circle and actively offer readings though ATRPsychics.com

4. Open the Circle with a prayer

– We ask that our Guides, Angles and other beings of light including are deceased loved ones & pets step forward and join our circle now. We ask that you be with us today in our endeavor to communicate with Spirit. We ask to be made clear and open channels. We trust that divine messages of truth and integrity will be passed on though us to provide validation and healing. And so it is.

5. Introduce your theme & engage your audience

-Today I have chosen to teach about Empathy.

-Does everyone hear consider themselves empathic?

6. Deliver your short teaching on your theme

7. Guide the group in meditation related to your theme

8. Provide a development exercise

The Last Half-Hour

9. The Reading Portion

-Take volunteers if you don’t have a assigned sitter

-Let them ask their questions

-Take a few Min. for everyone to gather impressions

-Take Turns sharing

-Let the sitter validate with is accurate

10. Close the Circle

-We thank our guides, angles & other beings of light for joining us and the circle is now closed.

11. Take any final questions or comments