The Art Of Being Psychic MediumPsychic Readers and Spirit Mediums are sensitive, artistic people who comprehend and analyze the poetic realm of inspiration and symbols: the subtle craft of intuition and symbolic resonance. Symbols would be the worldwide language beyond words that could communicate with the Spirits in non physical psychic realities in dimensions of pure, disembodied, consciousness. It isn’t a science: it isn’t practical, verifiable or measurable.

Could you tell a poet or an artist to confine their inspiration simply to verifiable scientifically measurable occurrences? Landscapes, portraits and illustrations simply from reality: no impressionism, no fantasy, no abstract? Should we just read nonfiction because everybody knows myths, fiction, and poetry are not actual? Seems pretty dull if you ask me!

If you are looking for direction in some specific part of your life, psychic readings might just be the thing for you.

Science vs. Inspiration
Science cannot quantify creativity, intuition or inspiration. That requires the consciousness that is subjective that is human to achieve that. It learned and could be educated but only people who have a genuine gift for symbolic understanding will excel at it. That’s the key that leaves science behind and hints in a world past the physical limits of second and bodies centered egotism.

It is most potently synchronicity or shown in the skill of meaningful coincidence: although a coincidence happens in the outside world that’s totally beyond your control but has a dramatic significance that is personal for you! These interactions that are emblematic will be the clearest proof of a Poetic Mind of the Universe that responds and interacts with us in private and subtle representational traces from our own eternal Mind. Look for them and they will occur to you personally. Then the challenge will be to find out what they’re wanting to tell you!

Welcome to Dream Time Theater
We enter that symbolic land when we sleep whenever ego and our body lie dormant. It’s a representational sphere of pure consciousness we call dreams.

We receive our personal psychic reading nightly in our personal Dream Time Theater!

If you remember your illusive dream adventures you can break your personal code that is symbolic and you can comprehend the messages in your dreams.

As human beings we exist as both matter and pure consciousness in limitless experience both in the actual dimension through an eternity of lives as human beings, as well as in the ageless Dream Time of the therapeutic and simply psychic Realms Within of disembodied consciousness.