A psychic is not to be confused with psychic medium readers or true clairvoyant


This is due to the fact that real clairvoyancy is actually seeing or sensing the spirit side. Genuine spirit contact is not readily available to psychics as a psychic is an empath or someone intuitive who can notice someones circumstance and energy field, this is far different to a real link into the spirit side.

psychic medium readersIn this world there is physical energy and there is spiritual energy.

Sadly, the real essence of exactly what we really isn’t taught to us from an early age. I think all kids should be taught that we are in fact from spirit, and have a spirit body that exists individually to our physical body, and links our survival on the mortal plain through a silver cord, and undoubtedly they should be taught that our spirit body exits as soon as our shell dies. It is only the physical shell that has a timeline or expiration date, not the entire individual including their soul. It is impossible for some to accept that this and thus far, science can not prove or disprove it, but there are studies being carried out to show this and those whom can measure the aura energy fields.

These major research studies will eventually be accepted by the mainstream and prove that the essence of a human being lives on after death without any shadow of doubt due to the scientific approach. There is already a spiritual wave of awakening where increasingly more individuals are looking for the answers to the entire essence of life and what its make up of.

A popular method to begin and certainly the method many people start with that makes them believe there is more to life is by consulting a spiritual reader. Frequently understood as a psychic medium, this type of person will have either awoken to and developed their abilities or were being born with the gift of sensing, seeing and communicating with spirits.

Could everyone become psychic medium readers?

Well the answer is yes and the fact is because you are made of spirit yourself. Obviously like any discipline mediumship will require training and practice but typically if you employ your spiritual guides and put the intention out that you wish to follow this idea then the spirit side will be more than pleased to step forward and assist.

Psychic medium readers can expand your consciousness.

How you live your life in this world affects what levels you reside at in the next and being spiritual does not actually indicate being kind and giving love, although being more loving and forgiving of yourself and others is the goal. Being spiritual means you work up to knowing the divinity of your spiritual essence, the secret is to use this as a platform and provide love and generosity in your life and own development, and, it feels nice!