Holly Joy makes her psychic predictions public sharing her impressions on what changes she anticipates to see world wide during her lifetime.
  • I’m always seeing small steps of progression that appear insignificant now but are actually stepping stones to much greater revelations such as:
  • The Triad Wave available for use 24/7 silently or embedded in the background of music or other productions
  • Personal Pyramids as well as larger ones
  • Orgone devices blocking EMF and deterring chemtrails all over the world while supporting the growth of nature
  • Entertainment options like Kodi that void the need of ever having to pay for cable again as well as free phone options
  • Bitcoin and other alternative moneys creating building blocks towards our next monetary system while taking money away from the Cabal
  • Affordable and effective healing though sound and light
  • Conscious networking of artist in all entertainment fields and the audience to support them
  • Hackers and insiders stepping forward with undeniable proof of incredible things like the secret space program
  • Websites gaining recognition like TheBlackVault with free accesses to some million+ freedom of information act files
  • Currently I feel that many narratives are being pushed onto the public (like theories on ancient aliens and other mainstream media shows) with the intention of seeding misleading information about whats truth but at the same time opening others up to accepting alternative possibilities.
  • My impression is we are experiencing paradigm shifts in waves but I anticipate a big one coming resulting from a well planned and public event (hopefully this year 2016, my feeling today is there may be an event around elections). I expect this will evoke a collective desire from the majority general public prompting them to want to know more, pressing government is unlikely to yield results but individuals and groups digging deeper will start to make connections once unseen and put the pieces of the many puzzles together in pursuit of finding the whole truth in regards to many things including our history as a civilization.
  • I expect public disclosure will continue to happen bit by bit by those ready to see it until the time comes when the collective conciseness agrees on wanting full disclosure than all the fragmented seemingly separate pieces will fit together eventually waking everybody up by definitively answering the main life questions we all ask by merging science and spiritually, after all everything everywhere is at its core – math. 
  • My feeling is that this new knowledge will create new careers as everything we thought we knew will have to be re-written i.e. math, science and spirituality.

With These Predictions I Anticipate:

  1. Everyone will have access to many free things currently paid for i.e energy, transportation, housing, food est.
  2. That anything we consume though eating, drinking or wearing will be cleaned up and free of toxins resulting in healthier people and longer life span.
  3. That new tech-knowledgeably will be available to cure every ailment and illness and quickly heal not only physically but emotionally.   
  • My impression is that collectively we will see justice served on those currently suppressing the mass populous as core people and perhaps other beings are put on trial for their crimes ageist humanity and removed from earth.
  • I anticipate that we will transition into a global “money type” system and with this will come the clearing of all personal debt, that an equally large lump sum of “money” for everyone will level the playing field by promoting stability all over the world as it helps us transition out of this motel all together. Meaning… all Countries will be equal in terms of race, sex and education thus, resolving issues of hunger, poverty, war, est.  
  • Moving forward my impression is that anyone “in power” will be unable to lie and deceive us as new tech-knowledgeably holds them accountable by detecting lies though everyday wear thus ensuring any representatives will be working towards what the collective seeks.    
  • I expect everyone will be abundant and have the opportunity to pursue whatever type of education and/or work they feel called too, with this I expect we will transition from “working” into doing what we love with a lot of free time to explore other interests and set in motion shifting into a bartering system, removing money and status completely.         
  • My impression is as our universe moves into a new part of the galaxy our energetic vibration will continue to incrementally increase at a higher rate. I feel that our spiritual evolution will contain much more clarity and personal insight; that people will become more attuned to themselves, their intuition and others making us more loving, more forgiving and more geared towards being of-service to community and our human family.  I also feel more individuals are going to be called to spiritual work, that we will see more advanced spiritual advisers, healers, psychics, mediums and channelers as well as new abilities, means of divination and fields to apply our natural and restored psychic state.
At some stage I expect a global and formal introduction were we meet our neighbors below and above the Earth learning of their past involvement and benefiting from their current wisdom. Over time I expect we will be welcomed to tour the cosmos.

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