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Hello, Holly Joy here. I was born and raised in Northern Michigan, Traverse City to be exact and I’d liked to share a little bit about myself, abilities and the Psychic Readings in Michigan I offer.

My intention is to help my clients find the right path which will produce the most effective outcomes for their lives as well as their aspirations and my mission is to ease the burden of uncertainty that befalls us all.

I use my skills and capabilities as an intuitive empath to answer questions, provide insight, and lead people I help toward a more joyful and better life. An intuitive empath is someone who can join through emotions with someone else. I interpret understanding and feeling, and with this skill I can supply inspiration and understanding toward solving issues both in the here and now, along with the near future.

I have years of expertise giving psychic readings in Michigan and I have made a living helping clients conquer challenges.

I’ve lived in Northern Michigan my entire life. I grew up on a resort near Arbutus Lake, and from an extremely young age I was emotionally influenced by the imprints of that location, and was sensitive to them. I didn’t learn this until later in life, but before the property became my parents’ resort, it was a state-run hospital for displaced aged patients.

Evidently, the amount of individuals who experienced their last minutes their charged the effects of which I felt growing up.

Since then, I have been fascinated with making connections with folks. Growing up at a resort meant that I was constantly surrounded by strangers from all walks of life.

For some kids, this would be discomforting, but for me it was an adventure. There always looked to be an endless stream of new faces (and new storylines) that accompanied the guests visiting for the autumn colors, the Cherry Festival, or to relocate to the Traverse City region.

My skills became more distinct as I worked my way through grade school at Cherry Knoll Elementary, and then on to East Middle School, and some years at Central High School. Going into my school years, like many young women, I wasn’t sure what I desired to do, but I knew that I needed to help others in some way. I graduated from Northwestern Michigan College and my vision was clear: I wanted to use my abilities as an intuitive empath to help others during life’s challenges.

As I have grown older and honed my craft, my abilities have become much more and narrower defined. I am a graduate of The Temple Within, School Of Sacred Studies where I studied under Denise Iwana. She has been a tremendous guide and an instrumental influence in my development. I also offer Readings at Art Van’s Ladies Night Out, am an active participant in the events hosted at the Higher-Self Bookstore (like Reiki Share) and attend the annual Bliss Fest (my sister and I haven’t missed a year yet!).

My vision of becoming a helping hand plus a guide is becoming a reality, and in that nature, I want to give back to the community I call home by offering Psychic Readings in Michigan and locally here in Traverse City, MI.

Customers that have had their questions answered via my Online Psychic Readings have done so from the comfort of their very own home as well as on the convenience of their own agenda. The exact same applies for my local friends and neighbors, with all the added benefit of a closer connection and a more comfortable setting.

I’m available to make house calls or meet publicly to offer thorough, accurate, and insightful guidance for life’s most urgent questions. There’s no requirement for note taking either as my readings are recorded and delivered quickly by email – this means while we’re talking, we can both benefit from an undivided and uninterrupted discussion.

Rates for psychic readings in Michigan begin at only $95 for residents of Traverse City, Mayfield and Kingsley areas. 

Sessions take so long as they need to reach an answer, and they reach an natural conclusion as we investigate the question. My clients will never be rushed, but for your planning, anticipate consultations to run about 45 minutes.

To schedule your comprehensive reading, please contact me via phone or email. I ask that requests to reschedule be made as soon as possible, and appointments be made a minimum of 24 hours ahead of time.

Please supply your question before meeting so I may focus on them prior to our session and if possible, the birthdays and/or photos of anyone involved in your questions (this helps me focus on the people involved and create a more powerful link).

Occasionally the connection is not shared, although I truly believe that I can help everyone that I meet. We can stop the Reading with no obligations, if within the first 10 minutes you don’t feel as if we are in alignment

Please note that there will be an additional fee if someone else wants to be present during in our reading and advance notice so that I may also concentrate on her or his situation would be appreciated.

Now’s the ideal time to understand the dynamics and issues of the challenges within your life, I provide guidance and help for my customers. My services are exact, comprehensive, professional, and confidential.

Contact me today to learn more about services and my Readings, or see me online.