Can A Psychic Tell Me If My Ex is Coming Back? If My Ex is Coming Back can I Be Told by a Psychic?

“I can’t live without him! I’ve to learn what’s likely to happen!”

These questions—and countless variants on them — are common when customers call for love advice. It’s natural to want to know whether a reunification is possible, particularly in the first phases of an unwanted separation. I’m always happy to assist customers navigate relationship issues since, naturally, I’ve had my own, and I know the way that it feels to just want replies.

But although some psychics may claim to be able to inform you definitively that an ex is coming back or not, I don’t consider that’s actually potential. Nevertheless, psychics could be immensely helpful in all periods of connecting—especially that tender split time. We are able to look at spirit deals, karma, blocks to success, growth opportunities, and more. An intuitive might be able to assist you to realize what went wrong, and allow you to find methods to not repeat the exact same errors. And—my favorite—we can help people go forward and heal.

Occasionally clients can’t even begin to look at the larger picture of the relationship routines without addressing this question of the ex’s return.

Rhonda had been with Jake for about five years. They had been talking about marriage, children—all the devotion stuff. But Jake retreated with no warning on the relationship. Rhonda came home and his stuff was gone. There was a brief note saying he needed to go forward. He wouldn’t return calls to get a month, and then, slowly, he began to make contact. For a reading, she called at this point, ridiculous to learn what was going to happen.

I saw they’d more than one previous life story of treachery and disappearance when I looked into their karmic deal. They had arrived at a never-ending loop of reaction and actions in every life, playing out a soulmate contract that has been no longer useful. In light of the info, I asked her if she desired to keep the contract or dissolve it. If she decided to stop it, she would at least be free to make choices that are new for herself. If not, then Jake and she would probably keep repeating the pattern—even if he did come back.

You might find that he senses that, energetically “If it dissolve. He might attempt to pull you back in. How do you feel about stopping all contact for at least several months?” I asked her.

We also talked more about the dynamic of the relationship and what else might have led to Jake’ s leaving. Rhonda got more honest with herself, understanding that she started lots of their discussions about marriage and kids and that he had always been a bit evasive.

In this example, my guidance revealed that he might come back, but due to their routine, would likely leave and cause much more pain. Rhonda had free will to determine what she needed to do. She was unhappy but was also capable to determine her alternatives clearly and begin to move on.

I do hear this quite often, and it’s a common feeling after a breakup. But I need to take a business strategy with one of these clients—because of course they are able to live without this other man! When anyone believes that someone else is imperative to their own life, well-being, reason for living, etc., then there is a co dependent dynamic at work. The relationship is likely unhealthy in the center, no matter how it looks on the exterior.

Jona came with only this feeling. She explained she’d do anything because she couldn’t picture life without her to get Anna back. She was unwilling to look at another portion of the scenario until I read to see if Anna was coming back. She insisted, so I did a Tarot spread for the relationship, although I warned her that correctness was not likely in such a scenario.

The bulk of the reading indicated that the relationship had really been codependent and that there was an imbalance of power. The outcome card was the Nine of Swords, when she saw it, and Jona freaked out. But I pointed out that, in this situation, she was already living the Nine of Swords—a state of despair and self-torture according to her own notions. It appeared to me like even if Anna returned, Jona could be unable to trust again and would wind up in pain anyway.

By letting go of a stagnant scenario that is psychological, she’d be able to move forward toward the greater happiness promised by the Nine and Ten of that suit. In this event, there would be waiting, chaos, and her world would continue to feel upside down and frustrating. The Hanged Man signified there was no timing she could depend upon, which her life would be “suspended” from normal task as long as she went in this way. She left unsure of what she would do.

I couldn’t tell Jona just what would happen, as I warned her. She did end up spending some months attempting to get her associate to make up. When she came back, she explained that life was horrendous in this wait-and-see mode. Eventually, she was able to let go and proceed.

“ Being can’t be as awful as what I’ve been dealing with,” she said.

As soon as I spoke to Jona again, a year after, she was slowly entering a brand new relationship but with a totally distinct inclination to her psychological interdependence and power.

A psychic advisor will look at what may occur and can help you browse the end of a relationship. But it if you are realistic about your expectations. Free will is strong, and we’re all making picks every second. Relationship terminations are complex, as is the healing process. A psychic advisor can help you realize much of what may be going on behind the scenes (such as for example contracts or previous life limitations) so that one may move forward—either by yourself or in a more healthy way in case your ex returns.

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