Psychic, Than Why Are You Asking Me Questions?

Are they fishing for information?

Shouldn’t they KNOW the answers?

I would like to help you comprehend the process a psychic goes through within a reading. And that occasionally, just answering yes or no, or the client will not be benefited by a one blurb sentence. We need to go deeper.

A genuinely beneficial psychic reading should include an exchange of advice. When the client understands why we as psychics are asking questions, you’ll find yourself far more filled with the reading; left with hope, understanding and a plan of action to go forward.

A psychic reading is like a revelation, all about yourself and things that have happened or that are yet to happen, and sometimes things you could do to influence them.

Here’s a prime (quite shortened) sample reading. The name Susie is used just as an example and doesn’t represent a real customer.

Amy: He’s been distant lately”.

Psychic: (I find myself flooded with a lot of emotions and feelings) “John is somehow intimidated by you, and he’s feeling guilty about something.”

Amy: “Why? I’m not mean or bossy. Wait, why is he guilty, what did he do?”

Psychic: “First, don’t panic, let’s get to the base of this together. (John may be your brother, your husband, or your coworker and that I actually need clarity to best interpret the feelings I’ve received, and help YOU with how better to move forward.)

Amy: “He’s my husband would I intimidate him? Why is he feeling

Psychic: I ’m not feeling an affair or anything like this. Have you ever recently been putting more round the home in, than your normal share? I sense he’s feeling insufficient, and intimidated. Instead of being able to inform you that he’s pulling back.” and feeling exposed

Amy: I guess so. He’s been been putting in extra hours on the job to compensate for it. But he’s been on a couple of interviews, but occupations look tight. I understand that upsets him, but they always appear to want me when I get home, although we’ve two young kids. I don’t comprehend him intimidate. I ‘ven’t been mean to him

Psychic: (It all makes perfect sense now) “Correct, you’ven’t been mean. In fact, I am told by my guides you’ve been quite encouraging. Working extra hours, not whining, jumping in to take good care of the kids when you get home. He can feel like he let his family down, and curiously intimidated by your success with work and the youngsters. He feels guilty that you’re taking on all of this additional things. Does that seem sensible?”

Amy: “Wow, I think it does.

We are able to concentrate on moving forward. If we hadn’t had the exchange of answers and questions, chances are we wouldn’t have gotten to this stage. You might have hung up, perhaps assuming your husband was having an affair why he was pulling away and that’s. So quite much from the reality.

And I implore you… please let us ask questions. Engage in the process. It allows us to gain more clarity to the situation, to what we’re sensing, and how far better direct you.