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Is there a recipe for a life that is prosperous and rooted in ancient intelligent and teachings that we can utilize today for health, wealth and happiness?

Yes! In accordance with Feng Shui it is all about achieving a balance in your surroundings and thus – yourself. Feng Shui is a Mastered teaching and ancient tool that can set the ground work for improving your quality of your life in various ways.

Bearing this in mind many people nowadays consult someone to help them create this balance and present Qi energy, I have interviewed a true Feng Shui expert, teacher and author to help provide insight into this mysterious, ancient art. If you you’re looking to improve the positive flow of energy in your own life…

…Read on for Althea S.T’s inspirational advice, mastered expertise and expanded knowledge in utilizing Feng Shui.

When people think of Feng Shui, they often associate it with rearranging their home, office or backyard with the aim of tapping into fields of Qi energy. For the novices, can you please explain the fundamentals of Qi energy and how its flow contributes to the wellbeing of anyone nearby? 

Energy (also referred to as Qi or Ch’i) is the ultimate breath of nature. It is our life force and everything possesses Qi energy by virtue of its very existence. In Feng Shui, we work with the energy of the Earth, the surroundings and how different properties absorb and distribute these energies. Ideally we all want to be living (and working) in areas with an abundance of Qi and where it flows freely. We all rely on energy and its quality is reflected by people’s wellbeing and prosperity – the more Qi energy there is, the more prosperous we can become.

Can you elaborate on the benefits of Feng Shui within a single room versus the entire interior of your home; then the entire home versus the entire property.  And finally, what can people can expect from the amount of Fung Shui around them?

It is important to understand that there is a basic energy to every property; this is a unique combination of the energies of the location and those created by the distinctive features that each property has. The energy of the location is a source of enduring energy which has a long term effect on us all. In fact it will have an effect on everyone living in the area. Then, our individual properties also influence us based on such things as where the main entrance to the house is, and how we use particular rooms (or offices). The main idea is using the best locations within a property for sleep, work and so on, as well applying the best personal directions.

You drill down into much more detail in your book A Course In Real Feng Shui – Make Your Property Work For You At All Times, as well as going above and beyond and showing how to implement Fung Shui as part of property development and new building projects. For anyone looking to build or expand their property, would you say it is necessary to consult a Feng Shui Master such as yourself in the first instance? Or can the same potentials be realized subsequent to the property being built? And if so, how much assistance can your book provide in terms of guidance on aligning with Qi energy?

Undoubtedly it is better to apply Fung Shui from the very beginning. This means you can find the best placements and also design the optimal layout before you build. For additions, most definitely a Feng Shui expert should be consulted, even prior to seeing the architects. However, there’s always room for improvement and most of our consultations take place after people have already moved in. In regards to my book, I wanted my readers to be able to differentiate good places and properties from bad. I also wanted to provide them with the skills to evaluate and improve their properties.

Can we assume that some people simply prefer a consultation over reading a book? So who are your typical clients? What are they looking for and what can you do for them?

Yes of course there are always those who find it more convenient to ask for a personal consultation than to read my book. These are usually very busy people who have families and also work long hours at their jobs. However, there are always going to be people who will really get a sense of empowerment and satisfaction by reading my book and learning more about their property. These are people who want to try and master the subtleties of Fung Shui to help themselves, their friends, clients and so on, to make the most of their properties.

In your 20 years of experience you’ve no doubt seen Feng Shui evolve into a more widely used practice in homes and building development. Do you believe that this and other practices of energy alignment will continue to grow in popularity?

Maybe it’s better not to talk about the evolution of Feng Shui but instead the evolution of our consciousness. Since ancient times, nothing has changed in the way energy operates in the universe; everything still involves Yang and Yin, light and dark, movement and stillness, male and female. What has changed however is that the older, reliable and genuine methods have become more available in the West and people are starting to recognize their virtues. What I expect in the future is that we will begin to turn more toward ourselves and start to demand authenticity above all else. At the end of the day this is what we are all searching for.

Your book title Real Feng Shui implies that other forms of Feng Shui are inferior or different. Can you explain why you use the term “real” in relation to Feng Shui and the word’s importance?   

I wanted to introduce the idea of a genuine form of practice. This is something I love and which has taken me many years to master. I believe in intuition and am aware that we are all constantly connected with nature. However… we are also small compared to nature and our intuition is neither consistent nor pure due to how we live our lives today. This is why I will always put my faith in structured knowledge, a compass and proven ancient wisdom, rather than pre intuition. I believe that first knowledge, then intuition can follow – at least when it comes to our properties.

With this in mind people wanting to rent or buy a home could be interested in finding somewhere that has been developed on the foundations of Feng Shui. How can we find these types of properties?

The basic rule of a real Feng Shui evaluation is inspecting the surroundings… examining the vegetation, observing the immediate buildings and also to look through the windows of the property you want to rent or buy. Ideally you want to be living surrounded by healthy greenery, and you want your property to have what we call a ‘Bright Hall’ in front of it , ie. other houses and buildings. We also look at the slope of the terrain; too much of a slope is not good. You’ll find a lot more of an in depth explanation about where we want to live (and where we should avoid) in my book.

You have another book, A Course in Chinese Astrology. Do you also incorporate Chinese Astrology into your Feng Shui work? And if so, how do these systems complement each other? 

It took me a while to learn to combine these practices. It’s important to know who is going to occupy a particular space. It is just as important to know about a person who is having their residential or commercial property designed. You need to tailor make or adjust a property to each individual, with the goal of them being able to use their best personal directions. Knowing a client’s Four Pillars or Ba Zi chart allows me to be able to find directions for them that will really work.

With so much of your life and work revolving around Feng Shui, do you find that the energy of areas lacking in Feng Shui affect you? And in what way? 

There is actually no such thing as “no Feng Shui”. Feng Shui is always at work, affecting us in some way. The only difference is how aware we are of its influence. The rule of thumb is that each property demonstrates its qualities after year and a half. So after a period of time we’ll be able to work out which parts of our lives Feng Shui affects – and in what ways.

I know water also has an influence on the energy of a location. When working with an area is it more important to know about subterranean or aboveground areas of water?

Water affects us in many different ways. It can either bring us Qi energy – or take it away. Compass readings will help provide information about water that is flowing below the ground. This helps us to assess the overall energy of a location. However, it is actually the water above the ground that affects us in more specific ways. It is this water that influences our wealth. In fact there are even Water Dragon formulas that help us create and position areas of water around a property to help enhance the occupant’s prosperity.


In your twenty years of mastery of Feng Shui, what would you say is the most  important piece of information you have learned. Would you be prepared to share it?

Every property is unique, just as every person is. In most instances there is room for improvement within a property; just as there is always room for improvement in our life. So my insight is: Treat your properties with respect and don’t hesitate to try and learn and inform yourself. You can always do better and create a better life for yourself.

In addition to Fung Shui and Chinese Astrology consultations, what other projects and work are you involved with? 

At this time of the year I am typically involved with running courses and annual Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology consultations. I’m also excited to be working on a brand new e-magazine which will hopefully be available before the new year.