Love and light are the two constants that exist in every dimension, meaning that in every lifetime you have and will continue seeking and experiencing love while growing closer to the unconditional love state of being.

As a Psychic a large portion of my Readings focus around love, relationships and dating because most people are either seeking love or want to improve a loving relationship because finding and holding onto a loving romantic partner can be difficult.

These are obvious reasons people can’t seem to find or keep a relationship:

  • High expectations
  • Clinginess
  • Introverted personality, shyness or not socially active
  • Hanging onto the idea of a past relationship or focused on someone out of reach like online
  • Totally invested in career, business or family leaving no room for someone new

Going deeper there can also be internal issues getting in the way, such as:

  • Negative thought patterning or beliefs
  • Blockages from past marriage, partner or experience
  • lessons on a soul level that requires being alone or though repeated bad relationship patterns.

The biggest problem people can face being single is not having someone around to provide them kind, honest feedback about what they perceive, with an outsiders option and/or meaning beneficial advice you get a starting point towards what you really desire. This is why most people consult Psychics about love and relationships and in some cases even validate their Reading later on by sharing follow-up stories, proving that psychic love type readings can be very helpful, healing and a reliable means towards finding love more quickly. Going back to the internal issues, most clients are unaware of the harm they doing thats hindering their real desire. 

They may be creating their reality by saying to themselves (and others):

    • All men are dogs

    • All woman cheat
    • Woman only want money
    • I have bad luck in love

    • I will never find someone to love me

Or Due to past conditioning and/or trauma believe:

    • No one could ever love them

    • Compare themselves to other people due to low self-esteem

    • Its been culturally instilled they are too old, shamed by divorce, tied to a religious marriage thats ended
    • Holding onto anger and resentment towards a parent or past lover, creating a blockage.

These examples and similar ones co-create and manifest our reality and can uncover the root cause as to why relationships never seem to last or work out.


When clients are experiencing relationship issues I often advise them to utilize the power of intention and write a personalized affirmation to help shift and/or clear the main issues interfering so they man consciously attune to what they really desire and attract it more quickly with less resistance.

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Below is a generalized three part affirmation to address the most common love & relationship issues…

…If you wish to please affirm the following now






Affirmation Part One…

Releases the belief systems, patterns and behaviors that are no longer serving your highest good.

I am now choosing to release any belief systems that were created that are no longer in alignment with my highest good. I am now choosing to release any patterns of failure or worry or beliefs that have been created through memory or culturally instilled in any lifetime. I am now making the choice to have these things cleared once and for all and I intend now to release any unconscious behaviors that would result in my reclaiming the patterns that I have stated I am now free of.


Affirmation Part Two…

Is to call forth the actions needed to manifest the change you wish to see in your external environment.  

It is my intention to attract a long-term romantic partner in close proximity that is compatible with my energetic vibration, personality and lifestyle.


Affirmation Part Three…

Is used to anchor your intention more fully in vibration by affirming there in place and working.

I will make the choices that honor this intention I have created and set forward. I am reaping the benefits of that which I have called into being. And So It Is.

The most important aspect of setting and affirming your intention is truly believing that you have the freewill and hold the power to release what is no longer serving your highest good and realign yourself to what is. If you are doubtful you may want to reaffirm these affirmations out loud.